No News is…No News

Ok packer nation… the draft is just a few weeks away and what have we heard ttfrom Ted Thompson? Practically nothing. It’s frustrating, I know. We hear nothing about who the Packers are interested in, who has been interviewed or worked out by the Packers and it’s frustrating because we want to know. Especially as the actual draft day steadily approaches. And what makes it worse is that, while we all know who we think the Packers could and should draft…we all know the draft comes down to the final board of TT and his minions.

Ted Thompson has a strategy here, no matter how frustrating his particular strategy may be. However close to the vest TT is with the fans…it translates to keeping other teams in the dark as well. And when it comes to the draft, that can be important. The last thing we want is for other teams to have any solid information on who Green Bay covets, especially as the NFC North champs (Go Pack!) and picking at number 21.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • I mentioned above that Ted Thompson does not want others to know who Green Bay is interested in. Any information that leaks out about who the Packers want becomes leverage for other teams to use in their favor. And maybe it won’t matter maybe we’ll just pick it 21 but Thompson does not want to run that risk.
  • As far as workouts and interviews the Green Bay Packers don’t seem to use workouts and interviews to lock in primary candidates like some other teams do. So does Ted Thompson get value out of bringing in the few candidates that he does? Well, yeah. Thompson seems to use interviews for the people he is on the fence with and thinks might be available in later rounds or even as undrafted free agents. This is a good strategy because that is where some real value picks can be found but also these are the players that come with higher risk.
  • A lot of news that is passed around amounts to smoke and mirrors anyway. A lot of teams bring players in, but how often do they even draft those players? If the Pack was picking in the top five and brought in a top five prospect, that would narrow things down, but we’re picking at 21 in the first round and there is little to be gained by trying to play games. Thompson doesn’t do that.
  • But keep in mind, even though we don’t hear a lot this time of year, one thing TT is doing is gathering as much information on these players as he can. That includes listening to reports as he puts together his board. Everyone who has spoken of Ted Thompson’s GM abilities has said that he is a very hard worker. Let’s allow him the space to do what he does.

So while it’s hard to be patient and I know many Packers fans are frustrated by Ted Thompson’s seeming gag order on any and all information about the draft, Thompson has drafted a very solid team for us picked up an Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. Give the guy 9 picks in this year’s draft and we stand to make solid improvements, especially to the defense.

Go Pack!

No News is…No News
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