One Match Up I Hope to See in the 2015 Opener

Packers 2015 Defensive BacksThere will be a lot of different things I’ll be looking for tonight when the Packers take the field against the Patriots. It’s a preseason game, so most of those things I’ll just be kind of taking in. But there’s one key match up that I hope to see…

Tom Brady vs the Packer defensive backs.

There are a couple reasons why I’m hoping this match up happens. But, I primarily want to see how the changing of the guard impacts the Packers ability to shut down the Patriot’s passing game.


We’re going to get a couple of series to see what our DBs can do, but that won’t mean much unless they go up against one of the best. There is little question that if the Pats start Garappolo our starting defense we should shut him down. But, I want to see them out-fox Tom Brady and company. Then I’ll feel confident that the Packer defense will be ready in week one.

I think McCarthy will be cautious. I would think that the starting defense will play a couple series and then he’ll start rotating people, but they might play as long as the first half of the game. Regardless, we need them to have a good showing in their limited preseason action (especially action against top tier QBs).


And, they’ll get their shot this preseason. Tonight it’s Brady, next game Roeslisberger (although he sat during the Hall of Fame game), then they’ll be closing out the preseason with Drew Brees. Those match ups should give them challenges and prepare them to get the job done in those first two important games of the season.

One Match Up I Hope to See in the 2015 Opener
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