Packer One-Two-Three Punch?

Packer Running BacksConsidering the seasons leading up to 2013, the Packers have a unique problem on their hands…

More running back talent than they’re used to.

Eddie Lacy

Of course, no discussion about the new resurgence of the Packer running game begins anywhere other than with Eddie Lacy. You can catch some highlights here.

We discussed several of the things we love about Lacy before he took over the reigns as the Packers primary running back and way before he earned Offensive Rookie of the Year.

For a big running back he’s surprisingly quick. He can plant his foot, make a cut, and get back to north and south fast. This is what excited me most when the Packers acquired Lacy. Everyone knew he was a massive running back with a hard hitting style of running, but the quickness he adds is something you don’t usually get in a back that size.

Of course, being a big back, Lacy lacks the speed necessary to take it to the house from 70 yards out. Someone will catch him 50 yards downfield, but who cares? He’s 50 yards downfield!

James Starks

In a recent press conference Mike McCarthy pointed out that James Starks is coming off his most productive season yet. Starks is a workhorse of a back. I think he runs as hard as Lacy, he just doesn’t have the same hammer factor when he runs. Starks’ lanky running style makes him a good change up back to Lacy.

It’s unfortunate that the injury bug has bitten James so hard in recent years. I was so excited about his contribution during the Super Bowl run. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

DuJuan Harris

The back I’ll be watching the season though is DuJuan Harris. Remember, Harris was slated to be the Packers’ starter last season before he got injured. Harris has much the same running style as Lacy. For his size he’s a powerful running back. The real change up between Eddie and DuJuan is in the speed category. If DuJuan breaks one open. He’s taking it to pay dirt.

If Harris can stay healthy, I think he will become the Packers’ number two back behind Lacy. Regardless, 2014 is going to be a fun season for the Packer running game.

Packer One-Two-Three Punch?
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