Packer People: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Contract TalksThe selection of Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 draft just gets better and better every year.

Aaron took over the reigns of the team in 2008 at the beginning of the nightmare that had Brett Favre decide to “unretire.” Throughout that fiasco, Rodgers displayed the poise of a true professional.

Five seasons later, he’s again showing his poise and professionalism.

In an offseason where the entire football world is flabbergasted that a mediocre quarterback like Joe Flacco can become the highest paid player in pro football history, Aaron quietly goes about his business. Packer fans everywhere are in an uproar over the fact that Flacco could possibly command a paycheck like that, but Aaron isn’t remotely outspoken about it.


Of course, that’s partially due to the fact that he was secretly cheering for Joe to get a big contract. Joe’s big contract means a bigger contract is in the very near future for Aaron. However, this is largely due to the fact that Aaron Rodgers is just a decent person with quality character who carries himself with poise.

Throughout Favregate, Aaron fielded a barrage of questions about Brett. Had I been in his position, I would have been very tempted to explode, or at the very least refuse to answer any questions about Brett. But, aside from what I would consider mild irritation, Aaron just fielded the questions and moved on.

Now the man who is, arguably, the best quarterback in the game today has a contract that is less than half that of the pedestrian Joe Flacco. Does Aaron walk into the Packers front office demanding more money? No. Does he threaten to hold out? Nope.

That’s class.

Packer People: Aaron Rodgers
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