What We Learned Against the 49ers

The Packers picked up where they left off in January, looking exceptionally sluggish on both sides of the ball before the offense tried to rally late in the fourth quarter. The season-opening loss was just Mike McCarthy’s second as head coach of the Packers. Green Bay has a short week ahead, hosting the impressive Chicago Bears on Thursday.

            Dom Capers’ defense is not any better than last season. The Packers had trouble stopping Frank Gore without inside linebacker Desmond Bishop and allowed San Francisco to establish a rhythm on offense. Other than Clay Matthews, the Green Bay pass rush looked very ordinary, routinely allowing Alex Smith to find his receivers for first downs.

Randall Cobb has the ability to be a game changer. After muffing a punt early in the game, Cobb got down to business, leading the team in receptions and returning a punt for a touchdown that temporarily brought Green Bay back in the game. The Packers’ use of Cobb in the backfield proved successful as No.18 showed his worth as a superb underneath option.

Jarrett Bush cannot stay a starter for long. This comment may be premature provided that Bush looked good as a tackler against the 49ers. However, the pedestrian defender gave receivers an enormous cushion in favor of being beat downfield. Bush has a low ceiling as a cornerback and has no business going up against the opposition’s No.1 and 2 receivers.

The Green Bay coaching staff isn’t perfect. The 49ers came out with a great game plan and executed the same way the Giants did at Lambeau in the playoffs. To be ill-prepared for an opponent after having months to study them on film is flat out unacceptable. Dom Capers in particular needs to come up with better ways of forcing three-and-outs.

What We Learned Against the 49ers

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  • September 10, 2012 at 5:55 am

    We need to stop blaming our defensive mistakes on Jarrett Bush its not all his fault. Why does Dom Capers blitz when none of our players can get to the quarterback it just leaves the backfield in bad situations as it did today with all of the open receivers down the field. Oh and the play calling was just as bad we have 3rd and 1 and he calls for a 50 yard bomb to Jordy when we r losing by like 10 we need a first down. I was telling everybody in the preseason we looked like crap and people just kept saying its only the preseason we u practice how u play and we practiced and played like shit the whole preseason and only now people r going to come out and complain and blame everything on Bush come on we have no heart on this team to scene of urgency and no pass rush stop calling blitzes when we can’t get there. The 49ers were ready and we were not we played like we were playing slow and didn’t want to be there u could see that on Rodgers face during the second half and bis play proved it. It was an all around poor performance by a so called Super Bowl team I think they better get in there and get a gut check because Chicago’s coming to town next and they want to be the next ones to come into Lambeau and beat our asses at home.


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