Packers Fans…BEST EVER ANYWHERE! Part 1

While we were standing in the concourse of the Packers Titans game, watching the game on the screen 20140809_220937between dry spells, we decided to introduce ourselves to a few people. What we found will be no surprise to anyone…give a click and say “Hi” to some of the best fans in the world…

And if you don’t know what the “Green Cheese Box” is…read on and get the answer in part two of this post.

When you find yourself surrounded by Packers fans…do yourself a favor and say “Hi”. Jonah and I watched the game and drip dried for about a half and then as we noticed after the first touchdown by James Starks on the first drive, there were SO many Packers fans, we had to meet some.

The first group introduced themselves when Todd came up to drop something in the trash and informed me that I look Like Joey from Blossom!Ha! OK, here’s me…you can tell me if it’s true or not cuz…I don’t have a clue and I’m a wee bit concerned that Todd did. :) I have been told several times that I look like Ed Bassmaster, however (and I agree)…woot!

"Hey...who is this Joey guy? My name is Brady!
“Hey…who is this Joey guy? My name is Brady!








Anyway, back to the awesome Packers fans. Todd introduced us to a bunch of guys who had travelled down to Nashville all the way from Milwaukee to watch this game. Meet Jonah, Todd, John, Scott, Chris, Ewan, RJ (Jesus Shuttleworth – and yes, that’s a hard “J”). These are the operators of the soon-to-be-famous “Green Cheese Box” that you will hear about later.

Left to right: Jonah, Todd, John, Scott, Chris, Ewan, RJ
Left to right:
Jonah, Todd, John, Scott, Chris, Ewan, RJ

But These guys were not the only cool people we met. There were also a couple girls hanging out and looking bored by the bathroom. We thought we would make them smile by putting their picture up here. Unfortunately, the vid we took to make sure we got their names right got deleted accidentally and so sorry if we got this wrong. Pretty sure the girls names were Sarah and Brianna but can’t remember the dudes name, so if you see this post…message me your name man! But it still was a cool pic and a LOT of fun to meet these Packers fans:

We think it’s Joe, Sarah, and Brianna

And then, after the game was done and we were on our way out of the stadium, we saw the cutest little baby and her Mom had on a Packers hat. Keyara was so sweet to let us snap a shot of them this late at night. Thanks! Here they are:

Keyara, Ayce, Mossy. Ain't Ayce a lil cutie!
Keyara, Ayce, Mossy. Ain’t Ayce a lil cutie!

So on a wet night and after soppy game, We wen’t home happy to have gotten to watch our beloved Green Bay Packers play football once again. And just as warm a memory is that of the great Packers fans that we got a chance to meet at Yesterday evening’s Packers vs. Titans preseason game.



Packers Fans…BEST EVER ANYWHERE! Part 1
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