Packers Get A Win In Minnesota

The Packers had to go to Minnesota and get a win to keep pace with the Detroit Lions. And lo and Eddie Lacy is Backbehold, the Lions lost to the Patriots in big fashion. This sets up a Clash of the Titans so to speak as the Patriots travel to Lambeau next week and the Packers require this game to make not just a statement, but also to put the pressure on the Lions to run the table and give themselves a chance in the last game of the season. Green Bay is now, officially, the NFC North first place team.

The Packers game against the Vikings was one in which the Vikings seemed to show all the emotion while the Green and Gold was all business. The game ended up being a close one and hopefully one in which the Packers ask themselves where their pass rush went and why Jordy Nelson got shut down. But a win counts as a win and so Green Bay hosts New England with a lead in the division.

One thing that bothers me about the upcoming game against the Patriots is the fact that Green Bay still seems to have no answer for good tight ends in the league. Rob Gronkowski could be of particular concern in this upcoming, critical game. And though the Packers did an admirable job against the run, the Patriots also have now a couple of running backs who could be factors.

Lacy TouchdownIf, on the other hand, the Packers can keep feeding the ball to Eddie Lacy and keep him running North and South, and can get Jordy going early in the next game…they should be able to keep this one within reach. The Packers have been stellar at home and how important that home-field advantage will be in this game.

Tom Brady is not as young as Teddy Bridgewater which is a good and a bad thing. Tom will not make poor reads and miss passes, but at the same time he will be unable to get first downs with his feet as we saw Bridgewater do today. Green Bay will have a test to be sure.

So the Packers have passed another test and look to host and even bigger one this upcoming week. But if they can get it done…the sky is the limit for this Packers team.


Packers Get A Win In Minnesota
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2 thoughts on “Packers Get A Win In Minnesota

  • November 23, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    I said this game was gonna be close Brady. The Vikings defense is very under rated,They are young and learning but their athletic and can put pressure on the QB’s. But what surprised me about this game was their secondary played well also, as you said Jordy was not a factor this game and Cobb only caught a few so this game was put on Lacy’s shoulders and he did a great job carrying the load, and from what is being said he was feeling ill this game as well.

    The Packers will have a totally different game plan for NE as you said Brady is a precision passer not a mobile one so I would hope they play cover two to stop the big plays and use the pass rush to get pressure on Brady, He does not play well when teams harass him.

  • November 24, 2014 at 3:57 am

    I expected close, but I didn’t expect a nail biter. I predicted 24-13, which was spot on before MN’s last TD drive.

    Bridgewater made a few bad reads, but his receivers also droppped a lot of wide open balls, particularly early in the game. The Viks had several opportunities to change momentum and failed until late in the game.

    My biggest concerns are 1)how many MN receivers were wide open. It wasn’t just Rudolph. Seemed like we couldn’t cover anyone and they exploited the holes in our zone coverage many more times than not. None of our CBs and Ss can be very proud of this performance. 2) Our penalties voided some very big plays for us, and kept drives alive for MN. This was a very sloppy game by the Packers. 3) When a D takes Jordy out of the game, as happens occasionally, it throws off Rodgers entire game. Our TEs and Adams were open many times which Rodgers forced the ball to a blanketed Nelson. Rodgers made some very bad decisions and forced too many throws into tight coverage. He was very lucky not to be picked off several times.

    I think our pass rush was partly nullified by Bridgewater getting rid of the ball quickly. Kudos to the young QB for sticking with his timing plays. MN was missing their best RB, or it could have been a long day for the Pack.

    Game ball has to go to Lacy. I think it was 3rd and 3 (?) with the game on the line, trying to run out the clock. My son says “give it Lacy” and I said “no way, we can’t run against anyone when we need to – play action pass to a TE”. Lacy got the ball and 5 yards to seal the game. Kudos for proving me wrong and having a spectacular game in the running and passing game.

    This is why we can’t take any team lightly. MN was no contest on paper. But it only takes a few things to be slightly off for any team to scrape out a win against us. I think we earned this one, making a key drive and key plays when there were needed most. Go Pack go! :)


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