Packers Make Good on Season Opener

James JonesIf there was any question that James Jones would be a positive addition to the team, Jones made that clear today in a 31 to 23 defeat of the Chicago Bears, a game in which the last Chicago score came in what would be considered garbage time had not the Packers given up an onside kick in the NFC Championship game at the end of last season. Jones had four catches for 51 yards and racked up two touchdowns in the win.

Aaron Rodgers had another classic day with no interceptions, 3 touchdowns, and 189 yards and a 140.5 passer rating. He also had 8 carries for 35 yards, signifying that the calf injury is in the past. But the Packers overall seemed to lack the ability to stretch the field, especially against a Bears defense known for the cover two and in the process of transitioning to a 3-4 base.

Green Bay and the Packers’ MVP quarterback would presumably have had more points if the offense had more time with the ball though the team did end up in the positive on time of possession 31:44 to 28:16 and were plus 2 in the turnover ratio.

For many, this win may be unsatisfying as we saw the defense get once again taken apart by Matt Forte and penalties were very much a problem. But the win puts the Pack in front of the Seahawks for next week’s matchup in a year where it seems the early matchups may be as important as play down the stretch. A win against an NFC North opponent is always a good thing even if it comes in what seems like an ugly fashion. If the San Diego Chargers can hang on against the Lions, Packers fans will be watching the Vikings tonight to see if they take a clean one game step ahead in the NFC North.

Many will still  be concerned about the Packers’ ability to keep pace against a Super Bowl contender like the Aaron Rodgers Interceptions INTsSeahawks in week two. These concerns are not unfounded. But a win is a win and there is an advantage to having corrections to be made when the team watches film next week. Some concerns will not easily be corrected, like the problem with the ILB’s and their inability to cover tight ends. This could play into the Seahawks’ strategy agains the Pack next week. But the way week one has played out…with the Colts and Seahawks going down…it could be the kind of season where the team that finds a way to win early in the season…can find its stride later and become a powerhouse.

Go Pack!

Packers Make Good on Season Opener
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