Packers Storm Back!

Well the Packers spotted the Jets too many points in this game. But with a little over five minutes leftreal12thman in the first half…the turnaround began! Hey this team made mistakes, got itself in a hole, and at times frustrated Packers fans…but THIS IS A WIN!

The LAST thing the Packers could afford was to go into the NFC North streak (in which they play all rivals in the next three weeks) 0-2. The Packers got behind early and looked dazed, confused, and lackluster but it all changed toward the end of the second quarter.

Aaron Rodgers TD PercentageThe Packers were down 3-21 with just over five minutes to go in the half. When they sent Mason Crosby out to kick a 55 yard field goal, I thought it was the wrong call. Little did I know that the Packers would not only get that long kick…but put 7 points on top of it before the half…I think we ALL started to believe at that point.

Do you think it mattered that Aaron Rodgers, who started this game a little bit off…out of sync, ended up 25-42 for 346 yards and 3 touchdowns? Ah…yeah…he’s still the man!

How about Jordy Nelson with nine catches for 209 yards including an 80 yard touchdown pass in which he put Jets rookie safety Calvin Pryor on his butt…

Packernation…this is a game that yielded a LOT of necessary corrections. But it also showed that our Packers are tough, resilient, and will not give up when the chips are down.

Shout out to Mike Daniels, who made a statement. Also good to see Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers making their presence known.

But what are your thoughts on the game? I GOTTA know Packernation…talk to me!



Packers Storm Back! — 8 Comments

  1. Yes we won – BUT – we are too predictable and lack the surprise plays – we really need to look at new and younger coaches who understand the new plays and how to really block them – we have a great team – now let’s coach them to be great!!

  2. The defensive play calling is still lacking…and has been for about 3 yrs now. That has GOT to change or we’re in for a long season. Go Pack.

  3. Coaching was not at its best in my opinion! It was a ugly win but a win never the less, Not taking anything away from the Jets but if this would have been SF or Seattle the Pack would have lost big time. The defense played okay after the first half but if it wasn’t for Daniels who played like a beast the whole game it could have been much worse. I like that Aaron started going for it instead of tossing the rock away, while it is scary to see him run the ball sometimes as it was today is a must. I like Capers but I am beginning to think he is not the man for the job anymore! His schemes are old and not working. Maybe it is time to look at a college DC that has fresh ideas and knows these new plays most teams are running now. I hope it gets better but if they do not improve they will never win more than one game in the post season.

  4. Barely hanging on for a win over the Jets? Not impressive at all.
    This team needs to make some changes. Hawk should be on the bench.
    This defense is going to get run over every time they face a decent offense.
    It’s a good thing the NFC North is mediocre. With even a decent defense, Rogers and Nelson could take this team a long way. But incapable Capers does not seem to have a clue about stopping anyone.
    Saddens me.

  5. Isn’t anyone concerned about Rogers getting sacked on consecutive plays in one series? McCarthy keeps saying it’s not scheme and Sherri has high energy, etc. Bulaga is badly needed imho. Hard to believe they can’t block well enough to give a hammer like Lacey a few more yards.

    • Looks like your auto correct is messing up there. I personally am worried about Sherrod though I’ve not been impressed with Bulaga much either. Given the choice though, I’d like to see Bulaga back in there.

  6. I thought the field goal was the wrong call too. In hind sight, I’m still not sure it was the right call. In the end, we won by 7 not 3. If we don’t convert the 1st down, the Jets still needed a TD at the end to win (assuming everything else remained the same). We finally got some momentum going and had to settle for a field goal. In football momentum is everything. Whenever you get a chance to change momentum you have to take advantage of it. That field goal did not change momentum for the Jets. Only a great play by Daniels and Williams prevented the Jets from answering with another score. Ouch even.

    On the other hand, it showed a lot of confidence in our D by McCarthy. Turns out that was justified, although at the time it was very hard to understand. The Packers D only gave up 3 points in the last 39 minutes 39 seconds of the game. That’s impressive, no matter the opponent.

    A win is a win. Many games are ugly. They all count the same. It’s always the team who finishes best who gets the win, although starting better changes the odds of finishing better considerably. :)

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