Point/Counterpoint: 3 Reasons the Packers WILL Take Hunter Henry

hunterPreviously, we laid down 3 reasons why the Packers would pass Hunter Henry up. The only problem is, they were all wrong here are 3 reasons the Packers won’t make the mistake of passing on Henry.

Reason #1 – Henry is a play-maker and the Packers won’t pass that up

The Packers have lacked a play maker at tight end since Jermichael Finley was injured and even Finley was not known for his blocking ability. While Henry isn’t known for his blocking ability either, he is exceptional in this area (for a college player) and that, coupled with his pass-catching ability make him just too tantalizing for the Packers’ staff to pass up. The prospect of lining up Hunter Henry along with Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams (or Janis, Abby, or Montgomery for that matter) is a carrot on a short enough stick that TT will go for it even if he has a couple guys slightly higher.

Reason #2 – You can’t have too many pass-catchers in the NFL

Ted Thompson has shown time and time again that keeping a stable of receivers is a high priority. Never was his wisdom in this area so obvious as the 2015 season, in which Jordy Nelson was lost before the season ever began, Ty Montgomery went down, and Randall Cobb was lost in the playoff game against the Cardinals. But in that playoff game, Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis made their mark and showed that they belong. At the same time, they were showing that Ted Thompson was right to continue drafting wide receivers for just such an eventuality.

Reason #3 – Hunter Henry is going to turn in numbers that turn heads

OK, OK…I don’t know what Henry’s 40 time or vertical jump is going to be, but I do think Henry could turn some heads. If he interviews well with the Packers and nails the cone drill…maybe turns in a good 40 time…it could move him up the draft board. That is what the Combine is for, it is a chance for players to get themselves paid and Hunter Henry knows that. Also, I think TT may have this kid slated higher than we all think. Turn in the card, Ted…give us another playmaker!


So there you have it…the Packers draft another weapon for Aaron Rodgers and another reason for defenses to fear. With McCarthy taking full command of the offense next year and Eddie Lacy back to form and Jordy Nelson fresh and fully healed, this Packers offense has the makings of something special.

Point/Counterpoint: 3 Reasons the Packers WILL Take Hunter Henry
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