Randall Cobb and the No Huddle Offense

Randall Cobb No Huddle OffenseOne of the thing Mike McCarthy has been impressed with in the two brief practices the Packers have had so far in training camp is the no-huddle offense. One of the biggest weapons the Pack has in it’s no-huddle offense… Randall Cobb.

The no-huddle, of course, is implemented to keep the defense from switching up personel. The problem most teams have is their offense makes sacrifices in the no-huddle because the offense can’t switch out personel either.

So, when a team goes no-huddle, they can either stack with receivers and have zero run game, or they can use a running back and reduce their number of options in the passing game. Enter Randall Cobb.

The Packers can go empty backfield and get the opponent’s pass protection personel on the field and then throw in run plays that are stacked against a team that isn’t ready to stop the run. When the Packers go no-huddle this season, watch for McCarthy to call Cobb’s number, and then watch the fun.

Randall Cobb and the No Huddle Offense
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