Rodgers Says “Goodbye” to JV

According to Kevin Patra of Around the League, Aaron Rodgers is happy with the improved size of his aordteam this year. A bigger, faster, and stronger Packers team bodes well for the Packers chances of success outside of the NFC North where they have been posted up as the team to beat for what seems like forever. But the playoffs have been less than satisfactory to the Packers team (and fans) of late. An increase in size and speed and an intimidating attitude on the field could be just the ticket.

Rodgers was quoted as saying that at times in the recent past he has felt like “kind of a JV team”. And if swagger is one of the missing keys to the defense, the addition of Julius Peppers can do nothing but help. Of course, we all know they still have to play the game well, make the right decisions, and play together to be successful but all in all there is a positive spirit in Packernation as training camp nears.

And hey, with LeBron James opting out of his contract, maybe we could sign another big tight end before the season begins…

Regardless, I believe it is very possible that Packers fans are treated to a defense that really turns the tables this year, and the offense, though we lost Jones, will be as good if not better as long as we can keep Aaron healthy and protected.

Go Pack!


Rodgers Says “Goodbye” to JV
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