R&R Packers vs Browns

imgresThe Pack is back with a win over the Browns by the second and third stringers and the team played rather well considering that.

Raves: Offense

Joe Callahan, a division III QB getting the start was a pleasant surprise. Just imagine the butterflies this kid had to have but he showed poise in the pocket and made good decisions with his passes.

It might be my old eyes getting bad but it sure looked like Abby has added some much needed muscle in the off season, he looked very sharp in his route running as usual but he also looked for yards after catch unlike last season where he seemed to avoid contact as much as possible.
In my opinion Geronimo Allison out played Trevor Davis this game so if he continues this way he may force McCarthy to make some tough choices on who to keep.

Justin Perillo was making a case to be the third TE and if he keeps playing this well he may very well be.

Lacy started the game with 3 straight carries and looked like his old self, running with power and vision finding the gap and hitting it with explosiveness again.

I like Crockett but I believe Brandon Burks looked better this game he reminds me of Ahman Green the way he runs and if he keeps playing like this he may make a good case to be the third running back this year.

Jason Spriggs is gonna be a beast in the future, once he gets more reps and the game slows down for him he could be the next starting LT for this team, if Bakhtiari asks for a kings ransom next year it may very well be sooner than we think.

Kyle Murphy was also impressive so the offensive line for the first time in a while has depth with some quality players.Packers Safety

Raves: Defense

With the exception of the very first play the corners held the passing game from making big plays which is something Capers focused on this season. I like the way these rookies are playing fast already and this will only get better as the season goes on.

Carl Bradford was my defensive player of the game, he was laying the wood on every hit. If he can step up his coverage skills he has a very good chance of making the team this year.

Kyler Fackrell along with Blake Martinez the 3rd & 4th round picks this year look to be off and running full speed, I was not impressed by Clark with the little playing time he got but he did what he suppose to by eating blocks.

Raves: Special teams

How about this kid from Wisconsin, Peter Mortell? His 63 yard booming punt was what this team has been needing so Masthay better beware because if this kid keeps booting them like that he will be out of a job. Mortell was even holding for Mason Crosby this game who was amazing so he is gaining his confidence as well.

Punt coverage was flying down field without the main gunner Jeff Janis so all in all it was a very good game, the arrow is pointing up for these young guys and that’s a good sign for the future of the Pack!

Well I don’t have any Rants to post this week with maybe one exception of Demetri Goodson, he made some bone head plays on special teams but other than that this was a good showing for the team as a whole.

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R&R Packers vs Browns
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  • August 13, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Nice comments and insights. Keep up the Good work.

    • August 13, 2016 at 4:13 pm

      Thank you Gregory, Go Pack!


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