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Packers Playing Loose vs Redskins 2016 WildcardRants

It was a win over a 1-5 Bears team, but I still saw the same issues the offense has had for over a year now… separation by receivers and accuracy by Rodgers!

Both of Adams TD’s were bad passes with good catches. One he was wide open in the end zone and Rodgers’ pass was low and behind him but Adams was able to reach back and snag it before it hit the ground, the other was just thrown at the defender’s back and Adams reached over him to get it. On both of those passes, if Rodgers was …well …Rodgers …the open Adams TD would have hit him in the chest and the other should have been a back shoulder to the outside but either way they counted.

Ball security is another issue Aaron has to work on. When he is taking a hit he holds the ball with one hand away from his body, this cost them a defensive TD. When he knows he’s going down he needs to tuck the ball away, I’m sure he knows this but he has made the same mistake a few times now.

Injuries…They’ve hit this team hard, the latest Jackson gets promoted from the PS and get’s a hand injury and is taken out of the game. Being thin already at the position we have to hope it’s minor.

Okay it was a win so I’m going stop here with the rants even though I know there are more!


McCarthy put together the perfect game plan to get Rodgers’ confidence back, with no Lacy or Starks the run game was suspect to say the least so MM went to the dink & dunk passing game.

Some say Adams was the MVP this game but mine is Montgomery, his versatility out of the backfield added a new dimension to the Packers offense, I said when they drafted him as a receiver he was built more like a running back and it’s proving to be true.

As I stated in the rants most of the passes were dink & dunks but as a rave most netted at least 3 to 12 yards which kept moving the chains and eating up time and when all was said and done the Pack dominated the time of position 39:36 to 20:24.

Rodgers broke Favres old record by three making 39 completions in one game for 326 yards no interceptions with a passer rating of 102.2

Adams had a break-out game catching 13 passes which stands second by a receiver in one game behind the 14 set by Don Hutson back in 1942.

The Packers are the second team in the NFL to have 3 receivers catch 10 passes or more in a single game, Cobb, Adams and Montgomery combined for 34 receptions with 374 yards.Ty Montgomery Training Camp

As in the rants I will put it as a rave, It’s a Win and at the end of the day it’s all that matters.

So let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below or on our FB home page.

Thanks, Jeff

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R&R Packers/Bears
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