Some Thoughts Post Game…

One thought on “Some Thoughts Post Game…

  • December 21, 2015 at 12:54 am

    Abbre seems to get open well, when he knows the play. I believe he cost us 1 time out and a couple times the other receivers had to tell him where to line up and what route to run. We won’t know what Janis can do until he’s targeted. And I challenge anyone to make the catch that was ripped from Adams’ hands in the end zone in wet conditions. Adams only has 6 drops credited all season, which isn’t bad at all for a 2nd year receiver who’s been battling injuries, but he does need to fight through his routes more consistently which will draw some flags when he’s held. JJ should know better than to extend his arms, both good calls on offensive PI. All of our receivers need work. And Rodgers was less than accurate again. Some passes placed to the wrong side of receivers were easily broken up by defenders.

    Rollins out played Randall all game long. Had Randall not fallen down, the 2nd TD pass to Cooper hits him in the back, if not intercepted. Hayward looked good in the slot. Hyde played better than usual too. Credit the DBs though, wet conditions heavily favor the offense and they still kept the Raiders to 20 points.

    I’m getting so frustrated with Lacy. On short distance runs he should be hitting the line with speed and pumping his legs to push his linemen forward, instead of literally standing behind the line and waiting for a hole to open – eventually taking a loss. He needs to drop 40lbs and start running hard on every play.

    Overall, the D and ST played well – other than the entire O-line failing to block on the last FG attempt. The offense still doesn’t look sharp – hard to imagine that changing this year. I agree, we left a lot of points on the field, but everyone shares some of the blame for that.

    Anything can happen in the playoffs, as we saw in 2010 when we were the underdogs in every game on the road. Go Pack go!


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