GreenBay Packer Nation

The Journey Begins in a Month

Exactly one month from the start of training camp I think there is as much excitement for this Packers team as I have seen in a long time. The offense, in particular, makes everyone in Packer Nation slide a little closer to the edge of their seat. The addition of Bennett and Kendricks, along with Evans have taken away the fear of veteran exits and enhanced them with important additions. Along with that, the returning players, and the rookies that the Packers drafted at the running back and the wide receiver positions should bode well for the offense. But there are still a few question marks as we go into training camp…and these are questions about the offense. 

I know many will disagree with the possibility of question marks on the Packers 2017 offense, but with a look back, I hope this is a reasonable corrective. I think this offense will be the best in the league but it just might take some time to get there. So here is a chat I did on a walk, with the traffic raging, and the wind blowing, but hopefully the points are still valid. I hope this offense becomes a juggernaut right out of the gate… but if they don’t, I think they still will be potent enough to take the team where it needs to be. Add to that a defense that I think will be improved in 2017, and the situation is quite good.

Here is the video talk…and GO PACK!