There Was A Time…

Brett FavreAs the time to install Brett Favre in his place of honor draws near, many in Packernation reminisce about what has been called “The Brett Favre Era”. This is only fitting as it was one of the most exciting periods in the long and vaunted Packers history. But I noticed one thing also. A lot of fans are reminding the rest of us about the era before Brett Favre. Aside from the success of the “The Cardiac Pack” under Don “Majic Man” Majkowski (which was exciting), the Packers had wavered between pathetic and mediocre for years. 

I’m not going to rehash the failures and foibles of a period in Packers history that many Packers fans would rather forget. Suffice it to say…when Packers fans brag about Bart Starr, they don’t often brag about his coaching years. But I am going to encourage you in this:

“Do not forget the bad years, because they highlight just how amazing the Brett Favre and Aaron Brett FavreRodgers years are.”

Against the backdrop of those bad years, the years where the Packers just go to the playoffs seem pretty good. Those disappointing games, in light of disappointing (losing) seasons, are not only survivable but are quickly put in the rear view mirror the following Sunday.

When we celebrate the induction of Brett Favre into the Packers Hall of Fame on Saturday, we celebrate the breaking of a curse. We celebrate a time when we saw our starting quarterback go down and in the sadness of that, one of the greatest players in the history of the game emerged. We celebrate the bench-warmer who got his call and never looked back. We celebrate the Iron man…Brett Favre.

Go Pack!


There Was A Time…
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