Time to Bury the Hatchet?

Word came out this week of a reunion that might have happened between BRETTBrett Favre and The Green Bay Packers last season, had not his Oak Grove high school team kept winning. It seems so many years ago that Packers GM Ted Thompson committed the unpardonable sin of trading Brett Favre. It isn’t quite so far in the distant past that Brett Favre committed the unpardonable sin of going to the Vikings.

But for one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen to NOT be reconciled with his team is the greatest sin of all. Let’s remember the electric plays, the escapes, the touchdowns, and the Super Bowls. Let’s bury the hatchet. And while you’re at it, have a lil’ chuckle…we’re all a little bit fanatical in Packernation.

Post your comments below or on Facebook…is it time to bury the hatchet???

Go Pack!


Time to Bury the Hatchet? — 61 Comments

  1. You mean to tell me people are still holding grudges? If they haven’t hugged and made up by now maybe they should call Dr. Phil…

  2. let us not forget it was brett favre who put green bay back into contention year in and year out. he was the reason the packers were a force to be reckon with

    • Sorry we could go on for hours…. ((( but i do not have the time nor do i want to go into it))) Kyle is so right about favre noone would know who the packers were except for starr!!!! so big deal then he retired oh my god and then change his mind then wants to come back and the pack says no then he offers to go against rodgers for the job but no we cant allow that to happen ((( rodgers has been sitting on the bench for a few yrs and they were going a different route.. still dont have a real big problem with the big guy so here is my really really big problem why didnt they just let him go??? and then favre might beat the pack and the big guy does not like to be crossed !!!!! oh and by the way while rodgers was on the bench he was making more money then you or i would in two lifetimes !!!! and more….if i was favre i would not allow the packers to retire me they needed him he did not need them !!!! dont get me wrong i love the packers and i think rodgers is a great player but what they do to favre is unforgetable… hey gm of the packers just tell us why and dont want to hear its business!

      • I Totally Agree With You. Brett Put The Packers Back On The Map. He Was The Greatest Quarterback Ever. He Would Have Retired A Packer If It Weren’t For A Few People Who Couldn’t See It. What’s Wrong With Changing Your Mind When You Want.

    • I have felt this way all along, people forget, I watched the Packers lose season after season. We loved our team, we were nothing. Bret came and well Reggie White. They all contributed, yes it is true, but without a quarterback well were doomed. When Bret and the gang came well things started to liven up and well I still say Bret Farve put Green Bay on the map and we owe him a lot. Was it perfect, no, but life isn’t perfect we aren’t perfect. But what matters is when he was here he played his heart out and loved the game as much as we did, that is what counts. He needs to be back with the Packers and we need to show him how we feel, I have been to 2 of his games. He was something to watch! I have been watching since the ice bowl and well Bret Farve gave the spark to the Green Bay Packers that was so needed. I appreciate him, and every Packer fan should too! Bret thanks for the memories!

  3. I moved here in 91 as an xBears fan. I watched Brett n saw him grow into the awesome QB he is. Packers latest “Greatest” learned from 1 of the best. That they traded him was despicable, that they refuse 2 accept their part in what ensued is telling. I am a die-hard Packer fan, but “Mr. Wonderful Aaron Rodgers, don’t do much 4 me. I can only blame stupidity 4 his injury, Brett knew how 2 make plays w/o bein vulnerable, Aaron were U out sick then?

    Packers Management U’re only awesome when U act that way, grow up, get over it, n make the move NOW!!

    • Wow-I am sorry but you obviously dont understand what really happened or understand football-and Rodgers was injured because of a good play by a bears defender-you would be better off going back to being a bears fan.

  4. Favre is the reason why Rodgers was able to step in and succeed at a quick pace. He watched a legend practice and play. Favre may have gone to the Vikings but I think it was to prove to management that he could still play! Grudges are for high school!!! He deserves a spot in the ring of honor!!

    • When did AR even see Favre practice? Certainly not at camp; Favre was to special to have to attend training camp with the team. All most packers fans remember is the few game winning touchdowns, not the dozens of game killing interceptions. He’s an egotistical douche. Good riddance

      • WOW! You really don’t actually watch the football games or understand them. He threw far more touchdowns than interceptions and won far more games for us than he lost for us. Why are you even on this site since you are clearly not a Packer fan, but just a Favre hater.

      • I agree completely! Seems like there are lots of “Farve Fans” talking here and not so many real “Packer Fans”. The fact that they want to completely dismiss the rest of the team and particularly AR’s accomplishments really says it all.

  5. Brett will always be in my opinion the best QB we ever had an yes ever better than Starr or any others he carried our team through many years of hard core football an never missed a game he deserves to be forgiven for whatever the franchise is mad at him for I as a fan certainly have. I would love to see him as a coach on the team some where his experience is undeniably a asset to us

  6. As a Shareholder I can say that it is time for Brett to come home. It was in Green Bay that he achieved greatness in the NFL; not in New York and certainly not in MN. Granted, it was hard to see him in purple, but it is worth remembering that Curly Lambeau left, Vince Lombardi left, and Mike Holmgren all left Green Bay for other opportunities. Their departure did not lessen their contributions to the Packers and the NFL. The greatness they achieved still resonates in the hearts of all Packer fans – it is time it is that way with Brett.

    • Love this Doug! You are right on the mark! Everyone has the right to run their life as they see fit. Brett wasn’t ready to retire, the Packers didn’t want him anymore, other teams did, he had every right to pursue his options. The Packer Fans and organization need to grow up and quit with the ill feelings that Brett is a trader. Brett did Great Things as a Packer. It’s time to Retire his Jersey in the honorable and tasteful fashion Brett deserves!

  7. I think it is time to bring back Brett!!! He is the one quarterback that took us back to the Superbowl in a long time, he mentored the quarterback that is now at the helm. Yes he may have left us and gone one to “greener pastures”. But so did Lombardi, and Sherman the two coaches who were there for those Superbowls. We still adore them as great men. Brett is just that a great quarterback, as fate had it, who ended up on our Tundra. Come home Brett it’s time!!!

  8. If you read the article they have burried the hatchet. The only reason it didn’t happen is because Brett’s high school team he coached was having amazing success and he couldn’t take time away from that.

    • I, of course, see your point Mike. The real question the article was asking was whether you, as a fan, want to see Brett’s number retired. Are you in the camp that is still upset about the way things ended, or are you ready to celebrate the retirement of #4 from use?

  9. You need to make a celebration of Starr, Brett, and Rodgers, in Lambeau, to honor the history they have brought the state Wisconsin.

  10. I grew up with the Packers. As such, I , perhaps irrationally, don’t compare Mr. Starr with anyone else. He may or may not be the best QB. It doesn’t matter, he is Bart Starr, period.

    Having said that, when I approach the end of my time and have the ability to reflect on all I have seen and felt, I will see Brett Favre in a Green Bay Packer uniform on Lambeau field on a beautiful fall afternoon running to his left and throwing to his right across the field to Donald Driver. All mistakes on each side will have been long forgotten and forgiven. Anyone who holds on to negative feelings only hurts themselves.

    As for Aaron Rogers, he is off to creating his own great legacy. It only makes sense to fully support him. After all, we are Packer fans. Green Bay Packer fans.

    So, on another beautiful fall afternoon, let’s really celebrate. Let Bart welcome Brett home and let another great roar escape Lambeau. Support Rogers in having a great game. Let Flynn finish it by throwing two touchdowns. Then I will go out and rake leaves again and think that life is pretty darn good… really good.

  11. WE all need to remember a lot never really happened until Brett got to green bay numerous head coaches,many losing seasons.we were last place most of the time.teams could come into green bay and spank us.what would have happened if the “Magic Man” didn’t get hurt? would the Packers have made it to a Super Bowl ? would we’ve have another dynasty,like with the Lombardi era ? who knows.Brett helped Green Bay become a powerful force that brought us numerous division titles,2 straight Super Bowls.and beat the hell out of Chicago!!Green Bay Finally got the respect from other teams also.i myself was pissed off when brett went to the Vikings.but,its time to bury the hatchet.i wish the Packers would retire his number before the start of this season.I AM GREEN and GOLD 4LIFE!!! MY COLORS WILL NEVER RUN !!!

  12. Yes forgiveness and move on th all our sakes!!! This man did many great things for his team and his fans , a decision was made he wasn’t ready to retire his position was to move on period!

  13. Brett Favre was the most exciting, tough,and passionate football player of all time, one of the best Quarter Backs to ever play the game!

  14. I was quite angry with Brett, but that being said he did what was right for himself, and it took me awhile but I want Brett Favre back now-all that happened was upsetting to every Packer fan-no matter the side we picked, but its done and its time to bring a guy that brought success to our team again and maintained it for a long time-unfortuneately things could have been better if the front office would have found better complimentary players and didnt allow the D to got to crap also-could have been many more great memories-anyway its time for the team-(which has been trying to get him to come back) and Brett to come back together-and come back home and get all the accolades and love he deserves-hope its the first home game of the year!!!

  15. Favre put the “title” back in Titletown! Glad to hear the Pack reached out last season. They put him in a corner…nobody likes to br put in a corner, and think how you’d react?? I’m gonna show’em! Yeah, he brought us all the way back, one of the greatest runs in NFL history…passionate, funloving, dedicated…a Hall of Famer, I will go to Canton to see him enshrined as a Packer. Bring him home to witness the start of another Super Bowl run! GO PACK GO!

  16. Come home Brett. You will always be my number #1 and I cannot thank you enough for the memories, good and bad. It’s time, let’s do this!!

  17. I never agreed with the Packer Organization for letting Brett go, but obviously that is hindsight, since Aaron was able to step up and fill those huge shoes Favre left behind.
    It is time to bring Brett back and finally show him the respect, love and thanks for all his 16 years. He deserves it.

  18. I agree, it is time to bury the hatchet with Brett. I do disagree with some statements about him being so great, which he was. But, he could not have done that without Holmgren, he might have rode the bench his whole career, just ask Glanville, who traded him to GB. Holmgren showed him discipline and still let him be the “Gunslinger” that he was. After Holmgren left, Brett had problems with undisciplined coaches like Sherman and developed an attitude, because the coach allowed him to. His name belongs in the Circle with so many the other Packer Greats, as I hope that Aaron Rodgers will be some day. GO PACK!

  19. I am a true Packers fan and always will be, I personally would love to see Brett come home he deserves that much after all he took us to 2 Super Bowls,back to back no less and he is one of the Greatest QB’S we ever had!
    no one should ever say he does not deserve this,because he earned it!and he did it for all of us the Packer Fans!its time Brett.

  20. Brett is the greatest quarterback in history (IMHO). He brought the pack back from years of mediocrity. For some 19 years he provided the very best he had to give.
    I am sorry he was ever traded. He and the pack deserved better. I was always believing that when he felt his career was over, he would retire a packer. Alas, management did not treat this legend as he should have been treated. He went on to prove he had more to give. What teams he played for is insignificant after he was pushed out of the Packers. Yes, it is time to finally retire him as a Packer. He will never be equaled.

  21. Yeah bring back Brett. I was once the most pissed off fan in Wisconsin when he went west to the Queens. Thought he was the biggest traitor there ever was. When he got his ass beat by the Saints D in that playoff game a few years ago I thought he was one tough SOB but also thought this is what you wanted by playing with the Queens. But I also thought “BRETT, them bastards are out to kill you or cripple you if you keep this up”. I was begging him to stop before them Bounty gate bastards would have finished him off. I was the biggest Farve fan there was back in the day and I even grew a goatee to emulate him. Every year he suited up for the Pack brought instant hope that the year would end with a playoff birth. I very much enjoyed the annual beat down of the Bears and the gunslinger mentality he played with( except when a pick from an ill advised throw would happen). I have “fotgiven” and whole heartedly want him to come back to cheers and a ring of honor ceremony at home/Lambeau. Welcome back home Brett..

  22. Remember Farve didn’t wNt to step out of the way of Rogers. Let home go. He did nothing in Minnesota except his famous interception in the playoffs. Did in Green Bay did it in Minnesota. Who knows what he did with Jets. Farve shouldn’t be in the conversation anymore!

  23. I believe it’s time to open the door to Packernation and welcome him back, he gave us a lot of great football and a Superbowl win, and proved once and for all just how lousy the Vikings really are.

  24. The reality of the situation is both sides did what they thought was best for them. Green Bay needed to keep Aaron Rogers for the future and Brett took advantage of the un-written Packer retirement plan. (When your career is almost over you become a Viking.) Brett will always be a PACKER!!!

  25. It wasn’t the Vikings but rather an incident with the cell phone and some nasty pics sent to a cheerleader that was tough to forgive.

  26. I’ve seen people move on from divorce faster. Only the South held a grudge longer. Get over it already. He was GREAT and he made the Packers become great again. Move on and bring him home.

  27. Undoubtably the most “exciting ” QB in the history of the NFL. This Packer franchise has been blessed with 3 of the finest Quarterbacks to play the game, with #4 the best in my estimation. His last year here he was voted 2nd in the MVP rankings to Tom Brady, so not wanting to give up the game was understandable! It should never ended the way it did, and both sides share in the blame. But, WITHOUT A DOUBT, he deserves a place in Lambeau Field, and a welcome anytime he comes to Titletown!!

  28. It is football and why do we watch is for the physical joy of watching a real competition. When Brett played we learned to hold on to our hats because he took us for a ride, nhe lived by the gun and so what if he threw an INT. because he (and we did too) believed he could not be beat. It was a thrill to watch. So call him adrama queen if you will but I personnaly loved to watch him. The real Maverick and a mississippi river boat gambler.

  29. farve is the best quarterback there ever was. not that rogers may not catch him but farve is a packer forever. you dont see Green Bay changing farve street names do you? get over it all and hop back on the packer wagon.

  30. Still have my #4 jersey . There is no ultimate sin in football. He wanted to play. Don’t think it really matters where he ended up. Bring him back as a QB coach.

  31. At the age of 55 and being a Packer fan since I was 7, I realize I am “new” Packer fan and should not be commenting, but here goes. I loved Favre, He was my hero. I followed his success and failures and was always in his corner. He gave me so much joy and a little pain. And like all Packer fans I know just how important he was to our success. But Brett forgot one essential thing, he forgot what NO player should EVER forget. No single player, no matter how good,is bigger than the team, and no one team is bigger than the game. Brett thought the NFL and especially the Packers owed him something. No Brett you owe the Game and it’s fans everything.

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