Two Encouraging Differences in Win Versus Patriots

The win against the Patriots was big for many reasons…but there are a couple aspects of that game clay matthewsthat encouraged me. Things I had been waiting to see out of the Packers and had not yet seen. These two elements give me great confidence that this team has an even better shot coming down the stretch in this 2014 season.

1. Jordy Nelson: Playmaker

Jordy TDOne of the keys to any opponent’s scheme to deal with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers has been to do everything possible to shut down Jordy Nelson. Of course this is very difficult and requires extra attention be paid to Jordy, creating one-on-one matchups. But in the Packers 3 losses, teams were able to accomplish this feat and have success. Against the Patriots, Jordy had to deal with Darrell Revis and, to a great extent, Revis go the job done. Jordy had one crucial play before the half that we all remember (you can see that play unPACKED here), and turned a big gain into a touchdown. But he finished with 2 catches for 53 yards. But here’s the difference…the Packers still won the game! Yes we needed those points Jordy scored and it was a great play, but just imagine how frustrating it was for the Patriots to accomplish one of their major goals, only to be torn apart by Adams and Cobb. Our wide receiver corps “came of age” in that game and it bodes well for our future.

2. The Defense gets it done without a turnover

The Packers defense leads the league with +15 turnover ratio. Part of the reason this game was a dogfight was because the Packers did not get a turnover in this game. But we still won. And while it is important to get back to taking the ball away, the Packers now know that they can get it done even without any extra offensive series. Yes, this game broke the Packers streak of games with a takeaway.but it shows that if the interceptions dry up, the Packers can still win games. Heck, we only got one sack and that was on the Patriots last offensive play of the game. I think this defense is coming of age too.

So the Packers are looking good and with Mike McCarthy at the helm, we know that they will be Eddie Lacy vs Atlantaprepared for an Atlanta team that just got done beating the Cardinals and is a much better team than their record would indicate. But if the Packers continue to grow and “come of age”, this team is going to be special.


Two Encouraging Differences in Win Versus Patriots
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