We Remember You Part 3: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers INTs Training CampIf, as hoped, three great Packers quarterbacks will be on the field today, this will be so much more than a game. On this special day, this Thanksgiving Day, we have much to be thankful for. Packernation will see, front and center, how thankful we should be for three great quarterbacks, all of whom have led the team to championships. I will be writing about them in three parts today.

The third part is about the Packers current quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Who could have followed up the “Iron Man” better than Rodgers? Different qb altogether but great nonetheless.Aaron, you are a legend in the making. You have one championship under your belt and more to come. Yours is the story with many chapters yet to be written. But we will remember you, too.

  1. We remember when you were drafted, after so many other teams overlooked your potential.
  2. We remember how you waited patiently while Brett decided whether or not to play
  3. We remember how you quietly took this team right back to perennial greatness after Brett Favre left.

Tonight is a chance for Aaron Rodgers to continue to build his legacy. With a win against the Chicago Bears, the Packers will tie the all time head to head matchup against the Bears. Aaron…this is your day!

Go get em Aaron! Square up this series, get another big win, and take this team to Super Bowl 50!

Go Pack!


We Remember You Part 3: Aaron Rodgers
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