Week 2: Poll Results and Game Report

Well the injury report is in and some questions remain. But the main question for this week is whether 20130911-103350.jpgthe Packers defense will improve. After giving up the second most yards on the ground last week against Seattle, the Packers defense will face a Jets ground game that put up the most yards on the ground last week.

Poll Results: Should he stay or should he go?


Wednesday, GPN put out a poll to see what Packernation thought about Dom Capers. Well the results are in and Packernation has a decided opinion on this one.  

While 20% of those polled disagreed that Dom Capers was the problem, 35% wanted him gone. But that said, 45% of those polled thought that Dom should stay for the season and get this full year to turn things around. We may have to put this poll out again at the end of the year.

Injury notables:

Packers: Demitri Goodson was a full participant in practice but Bryan Bulaga and Brandon Bostick were limited. Mike McCarthy said that Bulaga is chomping at the bit to play and it sounds like Bostick will be ready as well. The big news was that Eddie Lacy still did not participate but the indication is that he is moving along in the protocol. Brad Jones didn’t participate either with the same quad injury. If he can’t go, we may get a chance to see what Lattimore can do.

Jets: The big one to watch here is cornerback Dee Milner, who was a limited participant in practice this week. If he can’t go, look for Rodgers to light up the Jets secondary. If he goes, but is not 100%…look for Rodgers to light up the Jets secondary. If he is 100% he will be a big part of the Jets’ hopes to handle Aaron Rodgers.

While I don’t ever want to see a player get hurt, I am excited about the possibility of seeing Jamari Lattimore get out on the field again. I expect the Packers to get back to form in this game with rhythm on the offense and a good showing against the run. But it’s show me don’t tell me time. If the Packers can force the Jets to rely on Geno Smith’s arm, the scales will quickly tip in our favor. But if we can’t stop the ground game, it will be a long day at Lambeau Field.






Week 2: Poll Results and Game Report
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2 thoughts on “Week 2: Poll Results and Game Report

  • September 11, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    I like Capers he was a good coach but as this is a game for young men it is also a game for fresh minds as well. Capers scheme’s do not seem to be working so well anymore, so maybe it is time for someone with fresh ideas to either take over or at least help him with some new play’s. It has been 3 years now 4 counting this one if he does not improve the defensive play that people have been making excuses for this man. Coaches get old just like players and they have a hard time adjusting to new ways. I have noticed a few teams are bringing a lot of college schemes to the NFL and they are working because old coaches can not adjust to these younger coaches schemes! It is time for Capers to hang up his hat and let a young coach try his hand at making these young men gladiators!

  • September 11, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    Actually it’s 4 years for Capers and 5 counting this one. In 2010 the Packers limped into the playoffs with a 6 seed and the D was worst or close to it in most categories. The only exceptions were points allowed, which had a lot to do with Woodson and Collins getting turnovers. Our front 7 hasn’t stopped the run since his first year 2009.

    Capers career is nothing to brag about. He inherited a great Steelers roster in ’92 and left after ’94 for a head coaching job with the Panthers. He had 1 good year with the Panthers in ’96, and then went 7-9 and 2-14 before being fired. He destroyed their salary cap to get his only good season. Then he was fired from Miami and Houston. Then he had 1 good year with the Packers in ’09, but you could argue that we had a pretty stout D when he got here too. He couldn’t convert Kampman to OLB, and our pass rush left with Kampman in 2010.

    I really don’t understand how anyone still supports Dom Capers in GB. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he’s never been a great coach. When the same teams that are gouging your D in the running and passing games are the ones singing his praises, it’s time to worry.


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