What 2 Watch 4: 3 Things the Pack Need to Solidify

GreengangThere are so many story-lines with this game. But one of them is that the Packers needs to continue its dominance at Lambeau. Looking back at the Lions game, a few things popped up that the Packers need to shore up. The first is obvious, the rest, maybe not so much.

1. Protect Rodgers’ calf.

OK, OK, this one is obvious…but the biggest problem is gonna be to keep Rodgers in a solid pocket to deliver the ball. If he has to climb the pocket…fine. Aaron Rodgers is SO dangerous on the run, but in this game, we may have to be more conservative. This does put the Packers at risk by taking away a significantly dangerous weapon (Rodgers on the run) but managing Rodgers for the long haul should be the priority since this first game is at Lambeau. The biggest barrier will be Rodgers himself, who called his own number from the one yard line against the Lions (awesome) and if the Packers use the hurry-up will again have control of the play calling. Gotta hope he protects himself.

2. Shore up the special teams

Field position is at a premium during the playoffs. The Packers had a great runback by Micah Hyde in the Lions game…gotta keep that comin’. But the special teams are giving up too much yardage and at some point it is going to hurt the Packers chances. Give Aaron and Company good field position in this game and it could be exciting. Give up too much field position and Romo, Bryant, Witten and Company may be able to take advantage. This is not a team we want to let play downhill football on our defense. Maximize the good and minimize the bad. We’ve seen enough of both this season, it’s time to step up.

3. Maintain a fundamentally sound backfield to complement the pass-rush

Tramon Williams has said that this bye week has been a good time to go back to basic, fundamental Packers Safetyfootball. It’s good to hear him say that because below you will see highlights (or lowlights as it were) of Tramon getting caught peeking and squaring up the wrong way against Calvin Johnson…TD Lions.

The Packers pass-rush has been picking it up all season and if the Packers D can stop the run, Tony Romo will give the Packers backfield opportunities. Those opportunities came in the Lions game (again…see below) and this time, we need to take advantage. The Cowboys receiving corps is eerily similar to the Cowboys’ – good quarterback feeding a great number one, a great tight end, and then…nothing. In fact, the Lions at least have Golden Tate behind Megatron so the Packers defense will not feel quite the same pressure. But the Cowboys’ offensive line is better so it amounts to a wash. I think it will be our defensive backfield who will make or break us at some point in this game.

So check out the highlights and let me know what you think the Packers should shore up for this game. There are certainly more than three things!



What 2 Watch 4: 3 Things the Pack Need to Solidify
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3 thoughts on “What 2 Watch 4: 3 Things the Pack Need to Solidify

  • January 8, 2015 at 4:19 am

    All good points Brady. I have a few thoughts.

    Special teams: I haven’t counted them, but thought I read 7 blocked kicks this year. 1 is too many. Fix our kicking game. Masthay was one of the best punters in the game for the last few years, not this year. Fix Masthay. Coverage on kicks/punts has been decent for the most part. Can’t afford any let downs on ST.

    Defense: Almost as big a concern for me as Rodgers, is House. Shields and Williams have struggled more often than not. House and Hayward have been our big play makers, although they’ve also had their fair share of mistakes. We need House to take Bryant out of this game, and Hayward is our best option for Witten. The D will have their hands full with Bryant, Witten, and Murray. Shut down the run all game long, as Dallas will not abandon it no matter the score. Matthews should stay at ILB except on obvious passing down and distance. Man up with S help over the top on Bryant and Witten, and we should be able to handle their passing game. Don’t take Beasley lightly, he can make plays too.

    For all the talk about Dallas’ superior O-line, they looked mediocre against the Lions. Romo can’t scramble, and often panics under pressure. He had multiple chances to run for big gains against Detroit, yet chose to run back into the collapsing pocket. Our front 7 could have a great game if Romo doesn’t see what he wants down field right away.

    Offense: Hobbled or not, Rodgers should shred their secondary, as long as he can be somewhat mobile. Lacy/Starks should have some success too. I could see this being a hard fought and high scoring game if we can’t stop Murray and get pressure on Romo. I could see it being a fairly easy win if we do stop Murray and get pressure on Romo. I’m leaning toward we win this going away. 38-17 Packers. Go Pack go!

  • January 8, 2015 at 5:33 am

    So looking forward to watching my Pack, I have the utmost confidence that they will win and move forward, we have a strong and confident team, just RELAX and play your game, cause you have the biggest fans here in Dresser Wisconsin. GO PACK GO!!!!

  • January 9, 2015 at 1:39 am

    packers really need to a much better job on special teams. they’re very bad at it. special teams not so special for a long time.


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