What I’ll be Watching at Training Camp

Packer ILBsThe Packers enter this training camp as a dominant force in the league. But, we all know that there is still room for improvement.

We’ve discussed several areas of improvement this off season but there’s one that, should it improve drastically, could have a ripple effect of broader improvement.

I’ll be watching the inside linebacker position closely this camp. Already Mulumba has looked good and Jake Ryan has gotten reps with the 1s. If either of those guys can make the jump into the starting linebacker corps, it would be a game changer.

Clay would be able to move back outside where he’s a natural. With Clay back outside and Peppers rushing from the other side, QBs would be forced to get rid of the ball quicker. This would, in turn, help the defensive backs generate more turnovers.

I’m really doubt that Muluba will develop enough and frankly, from the standpoint of having someone for many years to come, I’d rather see Ryan make a strong transition to the pros and be that guy.

We’ll see, but I’m crossing my fingers.

What I’ll be Watching at Training Camp
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