When They Don’t Give You A Chance…You Take It: The Packers Defense

timeIn the first meeting in September, the Packers gave up 110 yards rushing to Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks. This Packers defense is a little bit different and we are going to need them to play lights out to take one from the Seahawks in a few…short…minutes.

The Packers defense has been much better of late, and in my opinion may be the unsung heroes in this game. We know that the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is limited, we know that Eddie Lacy will have a big part to play. But the Packers defense can truly prove a point this afternoon if they can get the job done against the Seahawks offense.

Clay Matthews

We all know that Clay Matthews is gonna get some plays. But if he plays out of his mind this game, clay matthewshe can truly be the difference. Clay Matthews will be largely responsible for handling Marshawn Lynch and if he gets that job done alone…the Packers stand a good chance of winning this game. If the running game gets stymied…Clay can be a threat to the quarterback as well and he is one of those guys that can bottle up Russell Wilson. Clay Matthews will be jacked up for this game and knows how to turn it on when “It’s time”….well it’s time Clay, let’s go!

Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers has quietly had a great season and came on strong in the off-season causing a critical fumble in the Cowboys game. Julius can smell the Super Bowl and he has been close a couple of times and now is not to be denied. I feel a little bit about him like I did about Donald Driver. Not the same because Drive had been a lifetime Packer but somewhat the same because Julius deserves a championship.

The Packers defensive line has been underrated and is now coming on strong. Julius is one of those guys (along with Daniels) who can change the attitude of an entire defense. Add to that the fact that the whole talk of this game is about how good the Seahawks defense is and you can well imagine that Julius is ready to make a name for himself in this game.

The defensive backfield

The Packers defensive backfield has been one of the best in the business at getting takeaways but has had a dry-spell letely. If they can simply break that dry-spell, it will be a huge boon for the Packers in this game. Weather is a factor and neither team will be throwing the ball as much (perhaps…be careful!) but just one pick could be the hinge on which this game turns.

Well it is ALL about to begin! Let’s go Pack and get to yet another Super Bowl! This is the time to show that the Green Bay Packers are the best team in all of sports!

Go Pack!

When They Don’t Give You A Chance…You Take It: The Packers Defense
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2 thoughts on “When They Don’t Give You A Chance…You Take It: The Packers Defense

  • January 18, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Packer nation needs to email blast Fox that we are tired of Joe Buck and his anti Packer opinions. Just announce the game. If I had another choice of channel to watch, I would tune in anything else. Normally I just turn set to mute not to hear Joe’s abuse.

  • January 18, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    Oh. Hey guys. How did you like that Seattle win? Amazing comeback right?


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