X Files to Reboot After NFC Championship January 24

XfilesFOX is putting a lot on the line with its reboot of the X Files. In an attempt to guarantee success they have scheduled the first episode of the relaunch for January 24th, right after the NFC Championship game. Hopefully, this will be a big boon for Packers fans who are also fans of the X Files. A win by the Pack and the return of an old favorite could make for quite an entertaining night. One step at a time we hope the Pack gets another shot at the title this year. And if they win…well…I will probably be too excited to watch the X Files, but that’s just me. I am glad for all the fans of the show that they will have a chance to see at least six more episodes. But the NFC Championship…oh the Championship game! Now that will be what I am holding out for!

The pieces are falling into place and while it seems like January is FOREVER away, football will bearod back before we know it and the Packers will once again be making their bid, one game at a time, to be in the big dance. In the meantime, maybe Mulder and Scully can investigate the New England Patriots, the Packers collapse in last year’s NFC Championship…and uncover the conspiracy that allowed the Seattle Seahawks to be in the Super Bowl last year! Ha!

Go Pack!

X Files to Reboot After NFC Championship January 24
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