The Straight Skinny from Coach McCarthy

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with the media today at the imgresNFL Combine and made it clear that next season’s Packers defense will change.

“We’re gonna be a little different on defense”, McCarthy said and further elaborated that the change will involve using a more broad range of weapons and packages. The statement came in response to a question about reports that the Packers were planning to get smaller on the defensive line and McCarthy made it clear: “We’re definitely not gonna be smaller.”

Of course, as with any press conference and particularly at the Combine, coach McCarthy did not fully elaborate on the nature of the changes but two things were very clear:

1. “We gotta be sure we’re emptying our guns every week.” This statement got my attention and McCarthy later elaborated that the reason the Packers couldn’t empty their guns on defense this past season was because of the injuries. That said, it is exciting to think that a new attitude might be coming to the Packers defense this coming season. Reading between the lines, coach McCarthy believes the defense has weapons as it stands, which makes me wonder if reports that the Packers intend to pursue change in free agency are true. The Packers have plenty of salary cap space right now but with Jordy Nelson and Sam Shields as priorities, that number will shrink, and McCarthy made it clear that they wish to lock up their own players first.

2. McCarthy believes last year’s first round draft choice Datone Jones will be a big part of the Packers improvement on defense. “Datone Jones will be one of those second year players that takes a huge jump.” the coach said, explaining that Jones was a key player in certain defensive packages. The coach stressed that making that jump would be expected of Jones as a player in the coming season.

So with the Combine starting tomorrow, things are already starting to take shape in the minds of the Packer brass even though we don’t see it all just yet. Coach McCarthy did mention that he is about five days behind where he wants to be because of the coaching changes but with his organized approach to coaching (which I think is one of McCarthy’s greatest strengths), I believe next years defense is really gonna surprise some people, I just won’t be one of them.


The Straight Skinny from Coach McCarthy

2 thoughts on “The Straight Skinny from Coach McCarthy

  • February 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Coach McCarthy is the best coach in the NFL.So as a Packers fan I have all the confidence in the world that he will do whatever is the best for the team. Last season he did a great job with the team in spite of all the injuries.This will be our year because the Packers have the complete team whether it be the front liners to the backups. Go Pack.

    • February 21, 2014 at 6:26 pm

      Agreed Cheryl…I can’t wait for the draft and to see who we are going to add to this team. In the meantime we need to sign Jordy and Shields and let the players rest up for another great season. Bryan Bulaga is on schedule to be back and will either be right or left. This team’s gonna be fine and should be proud of what they overcame to make the playoffs. We will have a better d that doesn’t give up as many big plays and first downs next year and we will once again be in the mix for the title! Thanks for posting!


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