1 Hero in 3 Plays

There is one player who made the difference in the game against the Jets yesterday. I have a hunch supermanthat no one else in the Packers blogosphere knows who it is. If they do…they are not going to talk about it. But I am here to tell the truth.

When the offense was out of sync, and the defense couldn’t stop the Jets, there was a Packers player who stayed cool and made ALL of his plays. Who is it? Well let me ask Packernation first…if you know who it is, comment on Facebook and then READ the post. SHARE it too…if you are confident that you are right. 

masonTake nine points off the board for the Packers and what is your final score for Sunday’s game? Yeah, that’s right, the Packers lose by two points. The real (and unsung) hero of Sunday’s game against the Jets was none other than Mason Crosby. Crosby was much maligned a couple years ago and GPN was one of the few voices of reason when it came to the strong legged kicker. We said that Mason was gonna be fine and the math points to the fact that we were right. If Mason had not made all of his kicks, including the Lambeau record 55 yarder that would have been good from 65, the outcome of the game would have been very different.

Yeah, sure, there are bloggers who note that the 55 yarder was a record but there are few who noticed that Mason Crosby was the ONLY player to deliver consistently in the first half of the game against the Jets. The offense stalled and the defense could stop NOTHING until the second half. Yet, every time Mason trotted onto the field when the offense faltered…he DELIVERED and the difference was the ball game.

Now, I’m not taking away from the play of Mike Daniels, Clay Matthews, or Jordy Nelson in this game. It is important to recognize those guys and the job they did. I’m not discrediting Aaron Rodgers and his 3 touchdown passes. But the fact remains…if Mason had been anything less than 100% Green Bay would be 0-2. And the 55 yarder, in particular, was a record, at Lambeau, in windy conditions.

Mason Crosby deserves the game ball in the Packers win against the Jets. He was the money player when everyone else was faltering and the game was on the line. Games are won by points and without Mason’s record-setting 55 yard field goal, the Packers would not have won this game. Way to go Mason!


1 Hero in 3 Plays
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  • September 16, 2014 at 1:17 am

    No doubt that Crosby was clutch, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say he was the hero. If he missed 2 of 3 we still win by 1 point. Or just maybe McCarthy feels some urgency to score TDs instead of settling for FGs and we win by more than 7 points?

    Nelson and Rodgers got Crosby in position to kick field goals. Without either of them, Crosby has no chance to kick anything.


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