2 Reasons Josh Jones Hired Drew Rosenhaus: INFOGRAPHIC

When Josh Jones hired Drew Rosenhaus, it raised some eyebrows. Most players make such changes after they have played in the NFL…not just after they got drafted. Why would Jones make this move, especially when the rookie salary is so determinate. The question could further be asked…why have an agent at all if the rookie contracts are set by the salary cap and a rookie pool. Well, we have taken a brilliant graphic from the actual 2015 rookie salaries and done a little scribbling…now that Kevin King’s contract details have come out, the difference between the beginning of the second round and the end is easily seen (in this graphic) as a precipitous dropoff. We scribbled on the graphic to show the two reasons that Josh Jones wanted Drew Rosenhaus to represent him even for his rookie contract. 

With the backdrop of the 2015 rookie salaries, Kevin King’s numbers appear about right (it’s 2017 after all). Those numbers are roughed in with the red lines (S.B.= signing bonus, G=guaranteed). But take a look at where the numbers are between King (pick one of round two) and Jones at the end of round two…pretty striking, right? 

Not only is there a big difference in the overall numbers, there is a huge dropoff in the amount of signing bonus and guaranteed money. This is the heart of the matter and the reason that Josh Jones decided to bring Drew Rosenhaus on board. While the totals are not fluid, that red and blue bar can be moved around and that makes getting the toughest negotiator on your side right out of the gate is good policy. Of course, the big deal for Jones will be down the road and if Jones performs he will make his real money there. But there is no guarantee that Jones even makes it that far. So Jones has done the smart thing. He wants to trade out some of that green, “non-guaranteed” money for a little more of the red and blue, and those are two good reasons for the move he made.

Let us know your thoughts back on the Facebook fanpage or in the comments section below and we will watch as these rookies continue to come on board with their new contracts. Congrats to them all!

Go Pack!

2 Reasons Josh Jones Hired Drew Rosenhaus: INFOGRAPHIC
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One thought on “2 Reasons Josh Jones Hired Drew Rosenhaus: INFOGRAPHIC

  • May 16, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    One horrible hit that destroys his knee or neck, and his career may be over. It’s a smart thing to do. Considering how low the salary drops for rookies drafted where he was or later, it seems like a logical thing to do.
    Just stay healthy and perform and you’ll get paid.
    Can’t wait for football season to start again.


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