2 Things I Like About Boykin

Jarrett BoykinJarrett Boykin is no #1 receiver, or even a #2 receiver… yet.

But, there are two things that will continue to make him a threat to opposing defenses.

Yards After the Catch

It’s not just the fact that he gets YAC that I particularly like about him, it’s actually HOW he gets those yards that impresses me.

Boykin is an illusive runner forcing defenders to miss him using very slight fakes. This keeps most of his momentum flowing downfield, and when he has that momentum rolling downfield he does a great job of keeping things north and south. Watch the clips below and see how, despite forcing people to miss in a big way, his direction is always nearly a bee-line toward the endzone.

Catch Radius

Jarrett has a nice catch radius. He’s shown he can go high after the ball and come down with it. He’s demonstrated his ability to catch backshoulder. He can make in route adjustments. All of those things are important because there are times when Aaron has only one spot he can throw it to and he needs to count on his receivers to make the adjustments and go after the ball.

Here are some examples…

Another Piece in an Exciting Puzzle

Combine Boykin’s YAC with Cobb’s YAC abilities and Jordy’s deep threat, and defensive coordinators will suffer many sleepless nights in 2014.

2 Things I Like About Boykin
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