A.M. Quickslant: A Word on the Packers Pro-Bowl Selections

real12thmanThe Packers will hopefully have five players who can’t make the Pro-Bowl this year. But five were picked nontheless and all were deserving. Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, John Kuhn, Josh Sitton, and Clay Matthews have all had great seasons in their own individual ways and lifted the team when needed as well.

Aaron Rodgers

Yeah…really nothing to say, just the name. Aaron Rodgers has led one of the most exciting offenses the NFL has EVER seen. Aaron looks to complete an undefeated season at home against the Lions to once again take the NFC North. And Aaron is not just great on the field. He is one of those guys who gives back to the community and makes Packers fans laugh once in awhile too. Way to go Aaron!

Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson was finally selected to his first Pro Bowl. Of course, Packers fans have known this guy was special for a long time but we all were just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. So what does Jordy focus on when he is finally selected…the team.

“It’s just great to be recognized by your peers, coaches and fans for what you are able to do on the field and what our team has been able to do on the field. The recognition comes with the team’s success.”

This from a guy who catches 40+ yard touchdowns on a regular basis. Gotta love a salt of the earth Kansas boy. Kansas, I’m sure you are very proud of this one! Congratulations Jordy!

John Kuhn

I’m just going to sum this one up in a meme we posted yesterday…


Nuff sed.

Josh Sitton

There is a reason for the saying “The game of football is won in the trenches”. Josh Sitton is deservedly receiving credit for his toughness and his part in the offenses success this year. Not only that, but just imagine how instrumental Josh was in the success of Corey Linsley. Remember when J.C. Tretter went down folks? We all thought the injury bug was once again going to grow fat on Packers players? Sitton, along with Rodgers are a big reason that our line didn’t miss a beat. Way to go Josh!

Clay Matthews

Clay had six tackles and 2.5 sacks and a pass deflected last week against the Bucs and was an impact player throughout the game. But what I like about Clay is that he has continued to be an impact player even with a changing role on the team. Clay Matthews is one of the most fun defensive players I have ever had a chance to watch. The “Spill it Picket” play reminds me of Reggie White’s (may he rest in peace) back-to-back sacks in Super Bowl 31 and whenever Matthews forces a double team, he opens up the rest of the defense to make plays. Very valuable guy and a great personality. The Claymaker.

Well, that is the rundown of Packers Pro-Bowl selections. We all would prefer to see these guys playing in a different game but the selection is still and honor. It is good to see these guys get some cred after none made it last season. Now, the only problem with the Pro-Bowl is that the captains are Chris Carter and Michael Irvin.

Go Pack!



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