A.M. Quickslant: Packers OTA’s Are About The Team

IMG_0989.JPGWell, supposedly Adrian Peterson is expected back with the Vikings at OTA’s today. Big whoop! You mean he will be doing what he should be doing as a player, team-mate and (supposedly) leader? I just can’t believe that a guy gets in legal trouble, takes a year off, and then comes back wanting to have his contract revamped. I am so happy to be a Packers fan, where more or less the OTA’s are about making the team better. 

When OTA’s come around, I start getting excited. Not because the guys are going to be out there doing anything spectacular. I don’t really get a lot out of watching players in jerseys and helmets doing jumping-jacks and trunk rotations. But I do get excited for football as OTA’s are a reminder that Trainig Camp is coming and Training Camp is a reminder that the pre-season is coming and the pre-season is a reminder that another great season of Packers football is on its way.

I also love this time of year because it is time for some young players to make a name for themselves. Thankfully, most Packer players make a name for themselves on the field, not off of it. The Green Bay Packers are a team oriented organization as evidenced by the head coach willingly choosing that it was time to hand over play calling duties for the good of the team. And if our offense improves because of that fact…the rest of the NFL has just been put on notice.

Of course, the good of the team also requires subtractions. One that comes to mind is Brad Jones, andimgres there will be plenty more as the roster is trimmed and trimmed again to form the final 2015 Packers team. No one relishes those decisions but again, they are for the overall good of the team and today’s OTA’s will again be a chance for the coaches to work toward those final roster choices.

One thing that I am more and more convinced of (with a few question marks admittedly) is that this year’s Packers team will be better than last year’s. I think the special teams were improving toward the end of last season (the gaffs in the NFC Championship aside) and the defense was really hitting its stride. With some of the additions on offense, I think improvement on an already great unit is in the works.

And with OTA’s back for a few days, I will be gleaning every bit of information I can to find out who is taking the next step, standing out, and making a bid to be a member of this year’s Packers team.

Go Pack!

A.M. Quickslant: Packers OTA’s Are About The Team
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  • June 2, 2015 at 9:50 am

    I wish that was the way it worked with my job…Hey boss I am taking off a year and when I decide to come back you will give me a raise :)


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