A “W” is a “W”…Right?

The Packers last second touchdown from Aaron Rodgers to Andrew Quarless put the Packers up to real12thman4-2 overall and with the Detroit Lions looking like they will get a win against the Vikings, the Packers don’t gain ground there.

But the best news of the day is that the Packers don’t LOSE ground…because they looked like they were going to take a loss to the Dolphins until that last second TD pass play.

2014 Packers DefenseWhile, in one sense, a win is a win, the Packers made Packernation wonder where they were at for all but about 3 minutes of this game. The defense turned the ball over twice and Aaron Rodgers and company could do virtually nothing with it against a Miami team that, though fresh off a bye…didn’t stack up on paper against the Pack.

But as this game closed out…I think Packers fans were just ecstatic…jumpin’…screamin’…and lovin’ a win no matter how it came. The Packers need to do some work and didn’t show a lot of ability to make adjustments in the second half, but they got a win.

Of greatest concern after this game is the injury status of Sam Shields (knee) and Tramon Williams (ankle) who both left the game in successive plays. We will keep you up to date on their status moving forward as it may be VERY important to a Packers team that was hampered by injuries last season.

But all in all the Packers escape Miami with a win regardless of how it happened. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!



A “W” is a “W”…Right? — 11 Comments

  1. Is Aaron Rodgers going to get on his radio show this week and tell the fans to “relax” again? Perhaps the O-Line should quite relaxing and Dom Capers should stay in Miami and relax as he starts his retirement–TODAY!

    • Ryan why do you say that about Capers? The defense played good ball today if it was not for their turn overs and stops the Packers lose this game! Granted they got tired in the second half but they made plays when the game was on the line!

  2. Where was the offensive line today? How many more times does Aaron have to be hit before they start shaking something up on that line? Are they going to wait until he gets hurt? And then of course there’s the running game. Or should I say lack of one. When you try and stuff Lacey up the middle and it isn’t working, and you keep doing it, that is the definition of insanity. First down, run up the middle for no gain, second down same thing and then third and long well of course it’s time to pass and here comes the sack!

  3. I honestly think the refs were pro Miami in this game there was plays that even Stevie Wonder could have seen and they did not call but they sure were fast to call holding on the Packers

  4. The defense will have to step up next week against Carolina’s QB,Cam newton,who rushed for 107 yards. He can also pass. Going to need Williams & Shields. Glad it’s a home game.

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