When Packer Fans Love Being Wrong

Aaron Rodgers DurabilityMost of the time, we hate being wrong.

There’s no way the worst team in the league in 1997 could ever beat the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. After going 15-1 and striking fear in the hearts of every opponent, the Packers will walk through the playoffs untouched to their second consecutive Super Bowl title. And, there’s no way an out-manned Denver Broncos team will even challenge the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII.


However, there are times when we’re thrilled to be wrong. For example, every year lots of people predict the Packers’ final record. The realist in each of us, announces a handful of losses, but the Packer fan in us hopes we’re dead wrong and the Packers don’t lose a single game on their way to bringing the Lombardi trophy back to Green Bay.

Which brings me to the current item I have (thus far) been wrong about.

When Aaron Rodgers took over the reigns as the Packers’ new starting quarterback, I was concerned. I didn’t actually make any predictions, but I did have an unsettled feeling about Aaron’s durability as a quarterback.

That concern was well founded. After all, Rodgers stepped in for Brett on October 2, 2006 and by November 19th he was already sidelined for the rest of the season with a broken foot. Granted Aaron was tough as nails about the injury and played through the end of the game, but a broken quarterback isn’t a whole lot of good to a team. So, when Aaron became “the man” I was concerned about how long the Packers would continue to hit the field without calling on the second string QB.

Thank goodness those fears have never materialized.

Aside from being replaced by Flynn in the wake of a concussion in 2010, Aaron has bounced up after every play, ready for the next one. Pretty fortunate considering how many times he’s been sacked in his career as the starter.

While he still has a ways to go before he breaks Brett’s record of 297 consecutive starts, I’m extremely thankful he’s turned out to be as durable as he has. Hopefully, with changes to the offensive line and the glimmer of a much improved running game, Aaron will spend less time getting sacked and will continue to remain healthy for many seasons to come.

When Packer Fans Love Being Wrong
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