Aaron Rodgers Named Most Valuable Player In The League

timeAs expected, Aaron Rodgers bested JJ Watt and DeMarco Murray to win the AP Most Valuable Player award. Rodgers posted a 12-4 record with a Green Bay Packers team that seemed to have the Seattle Seahawks up against the wall until four minutes left in the game. 

Rodgers is a coach on the field and plays the game faster than any other quarterback in the league, the fact that he is not in this year’s Super Bowl is a true travesty to the league in general. Rodgers told Packernation to “RELAX” after a loss to the Lions…put down the Cowboys with a calf injury in the divisional round…and did almost enough to go to another Super Bowl. The fact that he played SO well injured is a testament to his commitment and a nod to his “Ironman” status.

Rodgers would have broken more records, had not his team had such a lead at Lambeau that he had IMG_0989.JPGto watch games from the sidelines. This is “The MAN” of the NFL…what would our team be without him. And how hopeful is Packernation that next year will be a success with Aaron Rodgers at the helm once again!

Go Pack!

Aaron Rodgers Named Most Valuable Player In The League
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