Aaron Rodgers, QB of the Dream Team

Aaron Rodgers 2016 NFL Dream TeamSam Monson of Pro Football Focus has release a list of his 2016 NFL dream team and right at the top of the list is none other than Aaron Rodgers.

Monson’s Points

There are a couple key elements to Sam’s decision to name Aaron as his QB of 2016.

  1. Aaron is just one year removed from the 2014 season in which he achieved his highest level of play.
  2. Aaron struggled without Jordy Nelson and will have him back for the 2016 season.

You can’t argue with these points. In 2014 we watched a hobbled Rodgers lead the Packers to within minutes of a Super Bowl berth. He was in a great deal of pain and continued to make plays that most quarterbacks in the league have difficulty making even when they’re healthy.

While I’m still reserving judgment on the whole Jordy Nelson return, I’m pretty confident that he’ll return to form this season. He’ll certainly hit the playing field. The only real concern I have about Jordy coming back is the psychological factor. If he’s gun-shy about cutting, he may not be as effective as he has in years past and that might hamper Rodgers’ production in 2016.

One More Important Point

I would be remiss if I didn’t add one other point to the discussion of the QBs listed in Sam’s article, and that is…

Aaron Rodgers has the whole package.

Much is made of Cam Newton’s mobility and he’s, without a doubt, outstanding in that category. However, Cam doesn’t have the accuracy that Aaron has. We see that pin-point accuracy everywhere from him tossing the ball in the practice net from 45 yards out to hitting a tightly covered receiver on a back-shoulder throw. Still, Aaron has plenty of mobility, and it’s not just the tuck-tail and run mobility that Cam exhibits. It’s often the dodge defenders and find a receiver open 70 yards down field type of mobility. He can run when he needs to but his mobility is way more than just tuck the ball and scramble for yardage.

Tom Brady, it pains me to say, is a smart quarterback. I dislike the guy, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s so. He recognizes defenses quickly and exploits them. That said, smarts is about all he’s got. His aging body is no longer what I would call mobile. Aaron is just as smart as Tom and has a quicker release, but as mentioned before is also mobile.

You can keep your Cam Newton and his errant-throw mobility. You can keep your Tom Brady and his sharp-witted lack of mobility. I’ll keep Aaron Rodgers. The QB who has it all.

Aaron Rodgers, QB of the Dream Team

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