AM Quickslant: Ron Wolf and Kevin Greene Named Finalists for HOF

Lombardi black n whiteWith 21 players in the NFL Hall of Fame, the Packers are second, trailing the Chicago Bears who have 26. The list of finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame was announced on NFL Network last night and a couple of names that are dear to Packers fans were found there. Neither was a Packers player but congratulations are in order nonetheless.

ron wolfRon Wolf

Ron Wolf was hired by the Packers as GM in 1991. After firing Lindy Infante, he quickly brought on coach Mike Holmgren and was responsible for the trade for Brett Favre. Wolf also brought in one Reggie White to the Green Bay Packers (R.I.P Reggie, we love you) and was GM when the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI and went to Super Bowl XXXII.

Congratulations Ron, and thanks for all the great players and memories that you brought to Green Bay! Best of luck in your bid to make the NFL Hall of Fame, we think a gold jacket would suit you!

Kevin and ClayKevin Greene

Kevin Greene was a LB/DL for the Panthers and is third on the list all time for sacks. He played a crucial role in the Packers bid for Super Bowl XLV and famous for being mic’ed up on the sideline and telling his protege’ Clay Matthews “It’s time!…It’s time!”

Way to go Kevin! We hope you have been able to spend more time with your family now that you are out of coaching and good luck to you also with your bid to make the Hall of Fame.

So Packers fans, while not having a player on the list, have plenty of great memories tied up in a couple of Hall of Fame finalists this year. Here’s to yet another testament to the greatness of our team.

Go Pack!

AM Quickslant: Ron Wolf and Kevin Greene Named Finalists for HOF
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One thought on “AM Quickslant: Ron Wolf and Kevin Greene Named Finalists for HOF

  • January 10, 2015 at 4:22 am

    Congrats and good luck to Ron Wolf and Kevin Greene. But the HOF remains a joke until Jerry Kramer is inducted.


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