AM Quickslant: What 2 Watch 4 – Ranking the Top Three Battles

OK #packernation…listen…really close. You may have to open your front door and hold a hand todix your ear. Or if you are a member of #packernation abroad, you may just have to listen with your heart that pumps green and gold blood through your veins. That sound is the sound of an air horn signaling the start of Packers Training Camp 2014!

A week or so ago, we polled Packernation to see what training camp battles you were most looking forward to this year. The undisputed winners were the safety battle, who would start at tight end and what receivers would be left behind. While there are going to be plenty other storylines that come about during training camp, here is how I rank these three most anticipated ones (scroll down to rank them yourself):

1. Safety Battle

This, to me is the biggest battle of training camp due to the fact that the safety play was so poor last season and that the expectations for Ha Ha are so high. Micah Hyde is not going to go away though and if you remember back to Nick Collins’ first couple of years, Packers fans were wondering when he was going to reach his potential. It wouldn’t be the worst thing for Hyde to start and Ha Ha to get reps and continue to learn the defense.

2. Tight End Battle

This one is second to me because a. I am pretty sure that even if we don’t have a stud here, one of these guys is gonna do a pretty good job for us and b. while our tight ends are important and an upgrade would be a real boon for our offense, it is not critical that we find a stud at this position.

3. Receivers Battle

I put the receivers battle last because while I am super excited to see what our final five or six can do, I think no matter what, this group is gonna be one of the deepest and most talented corps Aaron Rodgers has had. The top three spots are pretty much accounted for and everybody on down from there has potential.

voteSo that is what I think but what do you think? How do you rank these competitions? Vote below and feel free to leave a comment about what you are excited about.

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AM Quickslant: What 2 Watch 4 – Ranking the Top Three Battles
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