Before the Game…Another Out of Breath, Arm-sore Packer Minute

The video show where I go walkabout….In this episode, a truck or two are just too close for comfort and we discuss the running back position and how important it may be to the Packers moving forward.


Before the Game…Another Out of Breath, Arm-sore Packer Minute
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One thought on “Before the Game…Another Out of Breath, Arm-sore Packer Minute

  • December 7, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    In 2013, (my step son) Jason traveled to USA from Australia for 2 months, mainly to watch his favorite teams and sports (Packers football/NBA). He went with a friend whom happens to be a Lions fan. Lacy and Burnett took time out from their busy schedules to meet with him for 30 minutes or so at Lambeau Field. I have no doubt that Eddie is a fine person with a big heart and a humble background. I’m thankful that we have young men like these representing our team. However, Jason also has loyalty to Eddie that I don’t share for this reason.

    I think the days of the power back in the NFL are numbered, if not already over. Defensive players are too quick today for a power back to have a ton of success. The only 2 who have managed to remain successful are Lynch and Peterson, but both have a couple attributes which Lacy has not showed much of during his NFL career – quickness for making decisions and acceleration through holes. This is also why cutting Harris was a good decision to me, although I think it happened several months too late, almost costing us Crockett and losing Rajion Neal (currently on the Steelers’ PS).

    Starks has better decision making, acceleration, and quickness than Lacy, which shows more in the passing game (particularly on screen plays) and on broken run plays. Crockett and Rajion Neal both exhibited better quickness, footwork, and acceleration in preseason. Obviously I can’t watch practices to see what coaches are seeing, but from what I’ve seen in preseason and regular season, Crockett and Neal would have been my preferred RBs to play with Starks.

    I think Lacy still has a place on our roster. He can be a 1000 yard RB if he can remain healthy. But he’s not a threat to break big runs consistently and his running style dictates that he’ll take a lot of punishment. I don’t think having Lacy in the backfield poses the “take it to the house” threat which our run game needs. One of his coaches said he’s 20lbs over his stated weight of 234lbs, and putting on more weight is the last thing he should have done. I wish he’d take the game and our team more seriously. He must see his lack of production on film and realize that he’s a step slower than he was over the last 2 years, and that needs to change. Imagine what a 20lb under stated weight Lacy might do with quicker feet and decision making. Go Pack go!


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