Best Brett Favre Moments: Part 4

ron wolfHere’s a little Saturday morning fun! This is a documentary about Brett Favre that you may have seen before but it is really amazing. It’s a bit longer but it is a great way to start your Saturday!

Remembering Brett Favre, part 4, this is by Must Share so if you like it, feel free to give a sub!


Best Brett Favre Moments: Part 4 — 6 Comments

  1. One of my greatest pleasures was watching Brett Favre play football.My father was a Packer and I will always be one too.So looking forward to his induction in the Hall of Fame.He will be there just like my dad BABY RAY and I will be so proud of both of them.

  2. Great, wonderful video. So many memories of the amazing, talented and entertaining BRETT Favre. Miss his playing football so much.

    • I enjoyed watch Favre play, most of the time. He would throw, NFL record, way to many ints. I liked watching Starr better than Farve. I was very glad he was part of bring the Packers back to greatness, but at time I tought I was seeing Lynn Dickey.

  3. Watching Brett play football was so awesome. He played the game with such heart & at times was awesome & times he broke our hearts but I miss seeing people at the game as he did. Will always live him & am a Packer for life!

  4. Brett Favre was the Greatest Football Player of all time without a doubt. He took the other players mistakes as his own. Brett Favre played wide open a Hundred and ten percent always, never giving giving up tell the vary last second tell time ran out! Mr. Brett Favre was the the Greatest player ever to just watch. The things that man could do was just Amazing. The stuff that Brett Favre could do with the Grace of GOD was totally over the top hart attack stop you in mid breath Holy Crap laugh and scream just one of a kind Amazing! I wish I had the health or even the money to a least be able to send my Daughter to see a Real life Greatness in play, in real time. Just being able to Pray for him and his family was a great honor as well as getting to watch him on TV. Sorry Brett Favre I forgot to Pray for you when you had your low point. YES we forgive you! God watch over you forever, keep evil from him and his family for ever! Amen! Love you. Brett Favre, Do you need a CRIPPLE in your life?

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