Brett Favre Top Ten Plays as a Packer

Brett FavreI, for one, am SO glad that Brett Favre is coming back to Green Bay. Today, NFL Network was replaying highlights of his career and it just brought back so many memories. I caught this top ten list and really enjoyed reminiscing…I hope you do to:

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Brett Favre Top Ten Plays as a Packer — 11 Comments

    • So will it be the stadium for Brett Favre on July 15th?
      The fans and the best player ever of the NFL number 4

  1. Glad they made up, there was no way that he was going to just hang it up. Now let’s all just enjoy his retirement and addition to the ring and Hall of Fame.

  2. This is one person who inspired me to never give up even if all odds are against me. He is one person that showed me to give it my all and to try again that it’s never too late. Also maybe the most important he showed me heart.

  3. One of my fondest memories is watching my mother watching Brett Favre play for the Packers.She would say” I wish he was mine.I tried not to miss a single game.He will always be truly a Packer.He brought them back into a really being a competitor.My father was a Packer and I know he would be proud of Brett and all he brought to the game.

  4. my husband was a very strong Packer fan and i always wonder since we lived in TC area of MN what he would have thought when Brett came to the Vikings. He passed away just before this happened

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