CLICK to Pick…Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

xlixWell Packernation, another Super Bowl is almost here. Another season that ended in disappointment, but at the same time, the beginning of a new season brings hope for yet another Green Bay Packers championship.

For now, we watch the final football game of the season for the love of the sport…knowing that neither of these teams is better than our Green Bay Packers. But like they say, “That is why they play the game”, and Packers fans must endure it. 

I will have my prediction for the game tomorrow morning, for now though…I want to know what lombardi finalPackernation thinks! Plain and simple…who is going to win Super Bowl XLIX?

OK Packernation...who will win Super Bowl XLIX?

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CLICK to Pick…Super Bowl XLIX Predictions — 4 Comments

  1. I normally root for the NFC no matter who it is but in reality the Hawks have 0% chance at winning this game…The Hawks do not have the weapons to hang with the Pats…The Packers were the only team that could have beat them and they blew it by conservative play calling plain and simple!

  2. The Payts are going to kick the Sea chickens asses big time.There to cocky thinking there going to win again. Go Payts go. By the way I am a Cheese head.

  3. Hopefully the Cheaters win without issue. Seattle, you don’t belong in this game. Had the packers not R.E.L.A.X.e.d prematurely we would be playing against the Cheatriots.

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