Cobb For Four and it’s Victory Formation Time!

If the sack by Neal and Daniels was important…this play sealed the deal. From the time Randall Cobb caught the 3rd and 4 pass from Aaron Rodgers, it was victory formation time…time for Packers fans to watch Tom Brady curse on the sideline while Packernation celebrated! Time for the Packers to take their rightful place on top of the NFC…

The Packers accomplished this by spreading the Patriots defense out. Randall Cobb was initially lined up in the backfield but was motioned out to the line like a “scat” back:

Cobb motion

Now the Packers have spread the Patriots defense out and the Packers have 5 against 4 to protect Rodgers but the Patriots have extra help in the defensive backfield:

Packers 5 on 4













So how does Randall Cobb get open (if it can be called that) on this play? Well, his quickness and vision get him behind the linebacker and create just enough separation to make the big catch:

Cobb catch












After this first down, the Packers are able to run out the clock in victory formation. What a big win and hopefully the sign of things to come.


Cobb For Four and it’s Victory Formation Time!
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