Compare and Contrast: 2011 and 2015 Packer Receivers

Packer Receivers of 2011 and 2015There has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not the 2015 Packers are better than the 2011 Packers. The answer to that question will depend on a lot of different things. But, one of the keys to the coming season will be the guys on the other end of the returning MVP’s passes.

Today I asked myself which group I thought was better. The question is not an easy one to answer.

On the one hand, the 2011 Packer receiving corps had the Packers all time leading receiver… Donald Driver. So, right out of the gates, it’s difficult to make a case that the 2015 Packers receiving corp is better than the 2011 group. On the other hand, Jordy Nelson is showing the kind of production that, given a few more seasons in this league could allow him to eclipse Driver as the Packers’ top receiver.

Greg Jennings… I know, I know our hackles are already starting to rise and we’re beginning to bear our teeth, but let’s try, for a moment to ignore the drama and focus on the single 2011 season. Jennings did a good job in the Yards After Catch category, and not many rivaled his precision with back-shoulder catches. But, Jennings didn’t have the same explosive separation ability that Randall Cobb has, nor could he effectively line up in as many positions as Cobb can.

The 2011 version of Jordy Nelson rapidly rose to number one receiver status. In 2011, defensive backs used to covering teams’ number three receiver were suddenly faced with a number one type receiver playing in the number three position. Davante Adams struggled to get on the same page with Rodgers early, but quickly became an outstanding receiver.

That said, I believe the 2015 Packer receivers edge out the 2011 crew for the following reasons…

Jordy Nelson’s big play ability: I believe with time Jordy will be the next top receiver of Packer history. When he catches the ball he leaves so many yards in his wake it’s crazy.

Randall Cobb’s versatility: The Packers can put Cobb just about anywhere on the field and he can make things happen. Frankly, he must be an absolute nightmare for teams trying to prepare for the Packer offense.

Davante Adams has only just begun to show his potential: I really think that Adams, like Nelson before him, will become the number one caliber receiver in the number three slot. I think his effectiveness in that number three slot will match what Nelson was able to do in the same position in 2011.

Now it’s your turn. Which group of receivers do you think are better? Make your vote and tell us why in the comments.


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Compare and Contrast: 2011 and 2015 Packer Receivers
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2 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast: 2011 and 2015 Packer Receivers

  • July 1, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    Sorry Driver, but this year’s offense has a chance to make history… packers 2015 #SB50 world champion #14titles with the emergence of a young talent on defense & hopefully everyone stays healthy as last year am excited looking forward to this season #can’t….

  • July 2, 2015 at 5:46 am

    Sorry but by 2011 was a shell of his younger self by then. Jennings and Nelson were monsters in 2011 but Adams will be the key to this unit being better overall. Combine him with a running game, Montgomery (Yes a Rookie) with Cobb and Nelson, AND the best O-Line they’ve had to give Rodgers time. Not even close!


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