Day After Rants and Raves

Well what was not to like about this game? So I guess I will start with my Packers vs Raiders Preseason 2014Raves,
I was surprised right from the start when McCarthy took the ball after winning the coin toss since he usually defers, Then the offense came out to establish the run and Lacy did just that with 2 big runs that gashed the Vikings on their second drive. Aaron Rodgers then did what he does best… “find the open receiver” and scored with a pass to Cobb. This just set the tone for the rest of the game.
I said before this game started that Lacy would get his first 100 yard game and he did just that with 105 and 2 TD’s. Eddie finally started running with power instead of dancing around looking for holes and he was rewarded with outstanding results!

Julius Peppers 2014 Training CampWhat really impressed me in this game was how the defense played! It was a thing of beauty the way they stopped the run which is something they have had trouble with this year, And the coverage was like watching synchronized swimming, Everyone was flowing together. Even Robinson, whom they just activated before the game off the practice, squad played stellar ball.
While I am not yet completely sold on this defense, it is definitely a step in the right direction.
How about Peppers with his first Lambeau leap? I think he needs to practice some more if he plans on running interceptions back for TD’s. All kidding aside though the way he and Matthews played this game – from pressure when they attacked to coverage when they fell back – was exactly what we all expected from them from the start of the season, but “Better late than never”…right? Along with the rest of the D line it was a dominating performance.
Ok I could go on and on with Raves about this game, but some in packernation have to go to work today. So on with my Rants.
Well I really can not think of anything major that they did wrong this game except maybe at the start I was kind of like, “What the heck is McCarthy doing pulling Lacy out after the first drive?” The way he ran the ball was amazing and to pull him and put Starks in at that time did not make sense to me, And especially when Starks first few carries were not that impressive which made the decision look even worse.
But I suppose my biggest rant about this game is it was on Thursday, Now what am I going to do for 3 hours Sunday? Guess I got to rotate the tires and change the oil on the car lol.
Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know your rants and raves in the comments section below.
Go Pack Go!



Day After Rants and Raves — 4 Comments

  1. It was without a doubt an awesome game. I have mixed emotions about Lacy’s good performance though. One of the MAIN problems I’ve seen so far this season is their continued force the run approach even when it’s obvious that it’s not working. I’m concerned now that Lacy has had a little success McCarthy will jump right back into a run focused game which will result in lost downs, points and ultimately wins.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this rave/rant article since the game ended. My rave list is bigger than my rant list for a change.

    My Raves:
    While the first possession was less than stellar, the second and third were impressive. Quick hitters to Lacy paid off, rather than the delays from shotgun.

    The offense capitalized on almost every opportunity to score and moved the chains efficiently.

    Our O-line gave Rodgers time all game long to find receivers and finally opened a few holes for the RBs.

    The turnovers by our D were outstanding.

    Peppers and Adams got their first Lambeau Leaps today – both were well earned. Congrats and welcome to the Packers.

    The pressure on Ponder was also outstanding and consistent through 3 quarters. 6 sacks, 14 hits, and countless pressures. Wow even.

    Even when we didn’t get turn overs, the D forced 3 and outs and killed drives without scores consistently. By far the best performance by our D as a unit this season. Hard to imagine Teddy having done any better with the way our D played today.

    I feel the need to call out a few players who shined; Nick Perry (2 sacks), Guion and Daniels (1.5 sacks each), Hayward (fumble recovery), Burnett (led team with 8 tackles and 3 assists, and forced fumble), Peppers (INT/TD, many hits on Ponder), Lacy and Starks (combined for 150 yards and 2TDs on 25 carries), Cobb (leads NFL currently with 6 TD receptions), Quarless (made some key blocks and receptions), Robinson (played very well on short notice), Lattimore (INT, great coverage all game long, and 3 tackles and 2 assists), and Aaron Rodgers (another brilliant performance).

    Lacy finally got on track. When holes were there he found them, and when they weren’t he didn’t waste time changing direction.

    I’ve been rough on Burnett for good reason. His play has been inconsistent at best. While he still missed a couple tackles, and showed some terrible tackling technique by hitting ball carriers’ legs instead of wrapping up which allowed their momentum to gain up to 5 extra yards, he played his best game of the season today. His forced fumble was excellent technique and he was sound in coverage all day. Kudos to Morgan Burnett.

    I’ve also been hard on Dom Capers. His D played a complete game today. He stuffed a very good run game and when MN was forced to throw to keep up on the score board, Capers dialed up pressure on Ponder consistently. Excellent game plan and having his players ready today. Kudos to Dom Capers.

    My rants:
    When we got a 14 point lead, I agree with Marci that McCarthy tried forcing the run too much and it didn’t work. We failed to pick up first downs and allowed MN to stay in the game early. Luckily, he went back to what was working – after turnovers – and put up more points to close out the game early.

    On 3rd and 1, he calls an off tackle run which was stuffed for no gain. Either run it up the gut which allows Lacy to hit the line with a head of steam and move the pile for a short gain, or allow Rodgers to hit a quick timing route to keep the chains moving. No excuse for not picking up a 3rd and 1.

    Matt Flynn’s terrible decision and pass on his first attempt. He was in position to run for the first down or throw the ball away. Yet he forced it into tight coverage. No way Flynn is a better option that Tolzien.

    Play calling in 4th quarter. I get that McCarthy wanted to kill the clock to end the game. What I don’t get is how he tried to do it. Our plays in the 4th quarter were: run, run, pass/INT – run run pass/first down Janis – pass/incomplete, run, pass Janis 1st down – run, run, pass, punt. On the other side, MN used twice as much clock as we did by passing on all but 2 plays and keeping the chains moving. We need a bit more imagination in our play calling to run out the clock late in games, no matter how big the lead.

    Clay Matthews, 1 tackle, no sacks, no hits on Ponder, no QB pressures. Still taking himself out of plays by being overly aggressive on the edge. Peppers, Lattimore, and Perry are all playing much better than Matthews. Clay needs to step up his game.

    Overall this was the most complete game by the Packers yet, on both sides of the ball. Two weeks in a row they’ve beaten good division rivals convincingly. While the offense performed well, it was the defense that made this game a blowout. Kudos to the entire team, Mike McCarthy, and Dom Capers. Go Pack go! :)

  3. Well I loved the dominant performance and lacy getting run game going against a tough defense. BUT how come we let Vikings D shut us with several 3 and outs. I see Rodgers getting pressured thru A gaps and not being able to continue initial success . We do not want bikes D to show any formulas for other teams to exploit us. All is well at the end. GO PACKERS..

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