Everyone in Packernation Should Be Aware Of This…

A long time ago…I had to tell three children that their Father was not coming home from the hospital. He had not died in service…but he had died because of it, I posted in his memory here. This story touched me, and I hope it will touch you. The source is ItsAaron.com and you can also subscribe to the YouTube channel of the same name. Here is the story…it reminds us of the great things that charity organizations in Wisconsin (and all over the world) are doing:



Everyone in Packernation Should Be Aware Of This… — 7 Comments

  1. Been a packer fan since I was 6. I watched the Stadium being built. Enjoy all thee info on the packers. Just watched aaron and thee 4 children fishing.

  2. It’s so great that people like Aaron can use their time and money to make the lives of others better. They are truly MVPs (Most Valuable People).

  3. That’s my Guy & that’s my Team! Aaron is a great role model for other pro players! The Packers are a great bunch of guys!
    They make me very proud to be a Packer Fan!

  4. I LOVE the Green Bay Packers!! They are so amazing, their not only America’s #1 Foot Ball Team , Their the the spirit we all need! They give people Love, and Compassion, They really truly care all out People, Love You Guys Always

  5. the packers have always been my team I love em all arron is from chico ca. im livem in redding ca. a few short miles from him lucky me

  6. Tears came to my eyes. I’m a NAVY VET from the Vietnam Era. I know what loss is & what AARON ROGERS is doing is wonderful. These kids who lost a loved one serving their country are heroes too. It’s a great way for people to meet who are trying to cope with their loss. May GOD BLESS THEIR EFFORTS.

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