Extraordinary Packer GMs

Packers General ManagerFormer Packer GM Ron Wolf was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and for good reasons. He was an outstanding General Manager who led the Packers out of the basement and back into the light.

On the flip side is Ted Thompson who has taken up the reigns and kept the championship train rolling down the tracks.

So, I wonder…

Which is the better GM?

Both brought in a quarterback that would not only be a great field general but an absolute game changer. Both have rejuvenated the run game during their tenure. Each of them has led their teams to Super Bowls.


Given the choice, I would have to say that currently Wolf is the better GM in my book. Anyone who’s pushed a car in neutral knows that the static inertia at the beginning is the greatest difficulty to overcome. Once you have the things rolling you just have to keep it moving. And, believe me, when Wolf took over the Packer organization, there was plenty of static inertia.

The fact that Wolf got this team moving toward championship status again gains him the nod in my book.

What about you? Who would you say is the better of the two GMs?

Extraordinary Packer GMs
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