Just Felt Like Venting

IMG_0850.JPGI am tired of the media giving the Packer zero chance to win this week. This is the same team who was favored to win Super Bowl 50 at the beginning of the year and through the first six games they were all saying even without Jordy Nelson the Packers are a team to be reckoned with. But after the break for whatever reason the offense lost its mojo and had a hard time scoring points.

Some say Denver gave teams a blueprint for how to keep Aaron and the offense in check, I say B.S., this is a two time MVP who went into a shell and stopped trusting in his receivers but it seems he woke up now that it’s win or go home. Watching him throw the ball against Washington was a sight for sore eyes, he finally started trusting his guys to make the play even when they were blanketed and for the most part they did their job. In my R&R post I stated the receivers were not getting open just like most games this year but Rodgers instead of holding the ball taking a sack or just throwing it away started putting the ball where his receivers were suppose to be on the routes whether they were open or not, executing timing passes and crossing routes along with the back shoulder throws with precise accuracy.

After Tretter settled in at LT he played stellar ball so even if David is unable to go I believe JC will do as well if not better than him, why do I say better? Well JC did not commit any penalties as Bakhtiari (who is the most penalized lineman on the team) was prone to do this year. Run blocking seemed to step up as well so Lacy and Starks could have cut back lanes.

One thing which worries me is Adams finally started to show up as the edge receiver but with a knee injury he is sidelined for this game. I really thought they would sign one of the WR’s from the practice squad after putting Q on the IR but they elected to promote a corner instead, maybe this guy helps special teams better because I can’t see him playing over Gunter if someone goes down.

Well I just wanted to vent a little before the game so hopefully the Pack can muzzle all the naysayers and pull off a big win Saturday in the desert. I have a good feeling the offense has found it’s mojo again and puts up 23 points while the defense with Shields back can hold the Cards to 21 or under. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our FB fanpage.



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Just Felt Like Venting
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