FOX Responds to Upset Viewers

FOX news sent a message to’s Facebook page today. Take a look and see foxwhat you think. Here is the message in its entirety:

Dear Viewer:

Thanks for your note regarding the “flex” FOX Sports employed during the NFL game you were watching. Obviously, you would have preferred us to stay with the game you were watching.

Making the call on a flex is always challenging, but our feeling is that most viewers in neutral areas of the country would prefer to be switched to a more competitive game rather than see the conclusion of a game that has become lopsided.

We understand that not everyone is going to be happy when we make such a call, especially if you’re a fan of one of the two teams playing. However, our experience tells us that a greater number of people would prefer seeing the conclusion of a contest where the outcome is still uncertain.

We appreciate your point of view and will consider it in the future.

Best regards,

FOX Sports Customer Service Team

Dear Eugene, for my part I:

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FOX Responds to Upset Viewers — 145 Comments

  1. I sent them an email last night and I called them assholes. They are still assholes. If I wanted to watch a more competitive game I would have watched the fifth graders playing Sunday. I wanted to watch the PACK destroy the Eagles

    • I also called them a few names. FOX Sports “DON’T SHOW A GAME IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SHOW THE WHOLE THING”. I’m in an area where I have to watch and hear about the “Cowgirls” so When I get to see my favorite team, THE PACKERS, it’s a good day. I will have second thoughts of watching your channel next time you air another game. Oh and I totally agree with Ron.

  2. for those of us not in our team’s normal viewing area we feel lucky to see our team on a national stage so we can watch them play from the comfort of our own homes. We don’t have to order “the NFL package” or go to a bar.
    When your network changes the game because it’s not “as competitive” as other games we feel we’re getting screwed. When you do stuff like that it really makes me wonder what else you’ll do, and debate watching your network

  3. If you say your are going to televise a game it means the WHOLE GAME and nothing but the WHOLE GAME other wise it is a lie as in untruth falsehood… Got it????

  4. Dear Fox Sports,

    I live in Northern Wisconsin but, my local Fox station is out of Duluth, MN. I am an avid Packer fan and would like to see my team play an entire game. This isn’t the first time you switched games. NBC or ESPN don’t turn off the games because they are blowouts!

  5. The only time I ever get to see my Packers play is when it is televised in my area. I love to watch the game but every week you have been switching the game. I can’t afford cable or satellite tv so I Ann suck watching what you show. Please don’t change the games in the middle of it

    • Even if you gave Sunday ticket you can’t watch the game. It’s blacked out and says a local station is playing. Even when they switch

  6. I live in Hawaii and we don’t always get the Packer games so when Fox decides to switch to another game in the third quarter just because we are way ahead upsets me. Watching any other game is not equal to watching Aaron breaking NFL records and by you switching games I don’t get to see this happen.

    • FOX Sports doesn’t care about sport fans! Not sure what it is that they do care about but it is not sports!
      Records being made and they don’t care to allow us to witness that!

  7. I would have prefer to watch the Green Bay Packers games verses Cardinals due that I don’t have NFL programming on Dish Network and the Packers are more interesting to watch than any other team. You advertise the game but don’t even show the good shots only at your convenience. Don’t you ever think about the viewers.

  8. Should consider a split screen concept in this scenario. As a diehard Packer fan I. Dallas. I can go to a place like Buffalo Wild Wing to watch but prefer to do so at home. When they are on television at home-I want to watch the entire game. This was the second game this year that was pulled. I understand competition. But you can go to the other game and do a picture in picture of the game you’ve advertised.

  9. I could not believe you dropped the number one quarterback and number one team in the USA because you thought a “greater number of people would prefer seeing the conclusion of a contest where the outcome is still uncertain.” And as far as the neutral part of the country goes…there is no neutral part of the country when it comes to the Green Bay Packers! We are everywhere and care more about our team than you do about your viewers. Before you make such a bonehead decision again, I hope you read our comments.

    Packers Rule, Green and Gold, or Blue and Gold

    Mary Archibald
    Missoula, MT

  10. lifelong packer matter what team you root for nobody likes to get game switched mid game to something more competitive,when that happens I lose interest and don’t even watch other game.they probably lose more viewers that way.go packers,superbowl bound.

  11. As a Green Bay Packer fan living in MN I look forward to being able to watch a Green Bay game when the MN Vikings are not being broadcast. I was very upset to think we as fans were not important enough to watch all of a game no matter what the score is. Why do I care about watching a game in Arizona or Michigan, seems to me those states should have been the only ones switched to that game coverage. It’s bad enough being forced to watch a team like the MN Vikings who have a losing record most of the season. Maybe it’s time to look into a dish network.

    • Forget Dish… they only show bits and pieces of a game. They don’t show the whole thing. That is just as infuriating. A different network needs to get the NFL contract. One that will show a whole game as advertised!

  12. I am not happy in regards to the fact that this was not the first time I was watching my Packers play and in the middle of our game it completely switched over to a another game. Just because our team was ahead doesn’t mean we don’t want to continue to watch our team play!!! I am getting wicked tired of it!!

  13. A week after you switched the packer game the Patriots were playing in a blow out game. You didn’t switch it. Why not. And why can’t you fix your score board on the screen it gets cut off you can only see the last two digits of the right side of the score. It’s been that way for years.

    • Was with you in the beginning… then,

      need to adjust your screen size settings! Since it’s been a couple years, you might contract one of your neighborhood kids to make the adjustment…

  14. I really disliked the decision to switch the packer game on sunday, it was a fun game to watch and I’m sure it was enjoyed by many. I love Fox & the Packers even more so it was pretty disappointing to see them switch to another game during the third qtr. Come on FOX was it really necessary?

  15. I live in Florida and am an avid Packer fan because that is where I grew up. This is the 2nd time my favorite team Green Bay has been switched to a different network because they feel I don’t want to watch a blowout. I on the other hand want to watch the game to the end! What will it take for you to stop doing this? The team from behind to come back and win, or would you switch back lol

  16. Dear FOXSports,
    You are absolutely wrong in your thinking that most people want to watch a more competitive game. If I wanted to watch a different game, I would have already been watching that game. I was watching the Packers / Eagles game because I wanted to. If I was an Eagles fan, I would be just as upset with you as you robbed me of the opportunity to possibly see my team come back to beat the Packers. As a Packers fan, I was robbed of the ability to see my team annihilate their opponent. The Packer Nation is just that: a NATION of fans all across the country. You have made a poor choice in this decision. I wonder how your advertisers will feel about this when we start to complain to them and boycott their products. NO TEAM’s fans should have to put up with you deciding that the game is boring. That is not your responsibility. It’s the viewers.
    A pissed Packer Shareholder

    • A competitive game is any game in which Aaron Rogers is playing in. You always what to see what magic he will pull out of his hat and how his team mate react. Eagle not at the top of there division just for show.

      Packer fan are the biggest fan base all across the country. You said a more competitive game it was more boring all the points were basically scored in the first Quarter/ half. put it this way you still had more scoring in the Packers game then in the Cardinal & Lions game. So Fox Sports was the losser in all of this.

  17. When you publish that you are televising the Packers/Eagles game then that is the game you need to televise. I had my entire family (all Packers fans) over to watch the game & we were all upset, angry & disappointed. I know they had a big lead but things can change.

  18. The NFL and FOX even switched the time from a noon kickoff to 3:30 CST, because it was considered a prime time game, and the viewing audiance would be larger for your commercial base. It was cold, very cold, outside. All the ticket holders had to accommodate your schedule. Then, just because the game was out of hand and lopsided, you decided to cut it off. If you thought it was such a great idea to change the time to a later start, then the least you could do is respect the fans that had to put up with your inappropriate decicion to change it. Very rude, very inconsiderate and very unproffessional on the part of FOX television network!!!

  19. It is always wrong to drop a Packers
    game. Packer fans live in every state of the union. We want to see our team play. If this had happened in Wisconsin, the resuting uproar would end with people loosing jobs st Fox Sports. Never underestimate the Packer Nation.

  20. When you took my favorite team off – the Packers – for another game………. I took YOU off. It would be nice to watch an entire game for a change. I live in Ohio with two NFL teams, so most weeks the Packers are not on our local channels. I was thrilled to see the game on Fox, low and behold, you decided to take off a winning game for one that I could care less about ! That sucks, big time !!

  21. I am LIVID with fox’s dumbass decision to drop the game. We were cheated from watching one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game’s history break a milestone record. I live in Ohio, apparently a neutral area? I don’t think so, fox morons! I’m angry enough, feeling betrayed enough, cheated enough to never watch a fox sports broadcast again!

    • Let the NFL know how you feel. They have a contract th hat they could loose if we let them know how upsetting this is to the world’s most loyal fans!

  22. If they Post the map saying that the Packer game is going to be broadcast in Memphis then they should play the Packer game in Memphis otherwise we would have made alternate plans to view the game where we can watch the WHOLE game!!! Very Disappointed!

  23. I do not appreciate having to watch a competitive game when this is only the second prime time game. I live in Ct and can’t afford dish tvs package. For you to continue to do this especially since the Packers are the only one who can pull something like this off not just once but twice this year is just unreasonable. The technology exists for you to do a side by side game but instead you choose to blow off those of us who aren’t local to our sports team and tell us it’s because the game isn’t competitive because the scoreboard doesn’t show a good game. Both teams played their hearts out and the viewers should be able to see that.

    • Fox,
      What a huge let down with no explanation about switching the Packers game. I thought it was possibly the bad weather or a problem with the channel. We ran out of the house and over to a family members home to see if it was the TV or on a different channel but nonetheless missed the rest of the game because it was switched. What a waste of everyone’s time.

  24. although I am in thrilled to live in Oregon I am not a Seahawk fan however you guys have made a contract to play the Seahawks over anybody else when they’re on their on every Sunday or Thursday or Monday no matter what other teams are on at that with that said I am sad to hear that you would change a game right in the middle as I have seen you do to us here in Oregon where we don’t get to see our pack play all the time. I’m proud to be a Packer fan I’m proud to say that is my team since I was eight years old and I am 30 however it saddens me that such a good team just because we Taratine apart we get to miss half of our game that’s crap. I don’t pay for your channel just for you to change my shows or sports! Very disappointed!!!

  25. Oh FOX, you must think your audience is stupid when in actuality it is you!Do you honestly believe that your audience will not retaliate by contacting your advertisers or boycotting their products because someone in your organization does not respect your commitment to your published programing? What’s next? Will you start showing an episode of Hell’s Kitchen and someone decides that Gordon Ramsey is too predictable and halfway through changes over to a “New Girl” rerun? Of course not so QUIT MESSING WITH OUR PACKERS!!! WE WILL GET REVENGE!

  26. “Was” enjoying the Packer Game, until Fox cut to a different game!! If you “Fox” say you are going to air a game, Air it in its entirety!! SERIOUSLY, would you air a movie and then cut to a different movie with about 10 minutes left?? POOR Management Decision!!
    P.S. We live in Florida and are Packer Fans!!

  27. We currently live in Florida and appreciate getting the Packer games whenever we can since we used to live in Wisconsin. This is the second time in 3 weeks that you have cut off the game on us. It sucks. This game was scheduled and should have been seen in its entirety. We turned on the game because we wanted to see the packers not Detroit. In the future I hope it never happens again.

  28. I agree with all the other Packer Fans out there that think you are nothing but Uppity Idiots… If it were the cheating cowboys playing you would never change the game no matter how badly they would be loosing. I’ll tell you that there are a lot more true, faithful Packer Fans than any other nfl team out there. Once a Packer Fan Always A Packer Fan. So nobody wants to hear any of your stupid excuses about why you did this to Packer Fans Everywhere. There is no place like being at Green Bay to watch a game. So next time you ever do this you’ll all lose your jobs. God Bless you & help you to Love the Packers.

  29. broadcasting a game means you broadcast the WHOLE game–whether you like how it’s going or not. Switching to a different game before one is over is NOT a good policy

  30. Fox, I love your fair and balanced news, but when it comes to Packer Fans, you are anything but. This is the second time you left a Packer game simply because the Packers were playing TOO well. I’ve got some news for you Foxholes, … there are millions of Packer Fans OUTSIDE of Wisconsin and we don’t get to watch them as regional games very often. Here in NE I am stuck watching the disgustingly awful Giants EVERY GD week and I HATE the Giants. You NEVER stop showing their game, even when they are getting their football asses handed to them. So do us all a favor ans show the whole damn game as advertised. You wouldn’t tear yourselves away from Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, so stop pulling the plug on Rodgers and the Pack.

    Second Packers game you dropped I live in Florida and a loyal Packers FAN. I DON’T HAVE CABLE or DISH I know a bunch of us would live to DROP FOX a it’s advertising !!! STOP THE B.S. give us our game. CHEESE TO THE BOWL

  32. Major Fail Fox Sports! Would you have done the same if the Cowboys had opened up a big lead? What about the New York Giants or some other major market franchise? What you seem to have forgotten is although Green Bay is the smallest market team in the NFL, it is one of the nations most popular, especially with the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Clay Mathews, and Eddie Lacy. Last time I checked, the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals combined don’t have the national following or appeal of the Green Bay Packers.

  33. I get that you guys’ had another game in progress, however, when the Arizona game was over there was still 6 minutes left of the Green Bay game, to which you could have put back on. Instead we all had to go online to see the ending score. The least the channel could have done was switch it back for the conclusion. Regardless if it was a 33 point lead. Some of us woulda loved to watch the last few minutes of the win.

  34. I dont like the fact that you took off the game?FOX im in MEXICO and i would have loved to see my team the GREEN BAY PACKER beat the eagles.FOX you dont seem to understand that we are everywhere. I like a lot of people cant see every single game.feeling DISAPOINTED at FOX.

  35. The Packers made club history by scoring 50 + points in back to back games….and you switched to a more exciting game? If my TV would have been turned off I would have been wild.

  36. This was just unbelievable, I live in North Dakota and are subject to always watching the Vikings lose. I’m from Wisconsin so when I finally get to watch get a A Packer game that is rarely televised over here, Fox network changes it in the third quarter to a Lions game, there are no words to describe how pissed off I was! I guess it’s time to stop watching Fox network for their bonehead move. Any pick up fan who was born and raised in Wisconsin, the Pakers are in our DNA and you don’t mess with that.

  37. I hope they find another station to take over the Packer games, because you people sure screwed up, more than once!!

    Just because a game is “lop-sided” doesn’t mean that their fans don’t want to finish watching the game, especially when it means you’re switching them to a couple of teams they don’t give a frogs tail about!!!! How lame. If I’d been watching and it’d been switched, so would another station.

    No way in heck is it alright for you to do this to the fans of one of the greatest teams there is; who has one of the largest fan followings world-wide! Do you really want to lose that many viewers, honestly?

    That was a lame call, worse than a few of the calls by certain Refs during our games in past years. I throw the flag on you and call interference with the lives of Packer fans all around the world.

  38. Wow, This was a very poor decision by FOX! You advertise the “Game of the Week” and move it to a primetime spot and hype it up, then drop the ball! You insulted the viewers by deciding what they “should” watch and not following through on what was scheduled and planned. Do you know what your “ratings” are when the Packers play??, apparently not! You have just upset a large paying audience and they will not forget it in the future. A very poor business decision, hope the person responsible for this decision is let go!

  39. You all forget that this is FOX Sports. Just like FOX TV and FOX News, they have no scruples and go for the quick buck and sensationalism every time.

  40. If you say you are broadcasting the Packers game, then broadcast the WHOLE game!!! We cannot afford to travel to a game, so when they are on TV we would like to be able to watch the entire game!!! Instead of watching a “more competitive”, you lostmany viewers for the rest of the day!!!

  41. I am in Florida and I NEVER get to see the Pack play – FOX RUINED that Sunday for me. I don’t care how ‘lopsided’ the game became, I wanted and PLANNED to see my boys play. Do you think the fans of the other teams even knew they switched? NO. FOX SUCKS.

  42. If the best quarter back in the NFL doesn’t deserve a whole game Just because he is showing you why he is the best then why the he’ll does your network even broadcast football at all!!?!?!Get your shit together.

  43. I am forced repeatedly to watch the Packers games by only watching the their scores on the NFL Network. So, when I get lucky enough to actually see the game televised I am overjoyed. Oh wait we have flex schedule and poof the game is gone. Not good at all!!

  44. When a game is labeled “The Game Of The Week”, show it in its entirety. Families, friends, bars, etc… plan around YOUR scheduled programming. Very wrong for switching and I’m sure your ratings showed the decline in viewers. Hope your advertisers took notice.

  45. We want to watch the greatest team, and quarterback, set records and play the best game in the world, and when you big shots want to switch games because you can, just sucks, some of us only get to see our Packers play a few times a year, so when you switch to another game you are cheating the die hard fans…..

  46. I live in the Dallas area and have direct tv NFL package. Most of the time I work on Sunday and record the game. When I get home I like to be able to watch the game but when you switch to another “more competitive” game I can not watch the ending. It really makes me mad that I pay all that extra money to be able to watch my team every week but when it is televised on national tv it records only that channel causing me to miss the ending. This really sucks. I think you should have to reimburse me for those weeks that you screwed up and made me miss out on my team.

  47. I disagree with your reason for switching to another game. Most football fans tune in to a particular game to follow “their” team. If they don’t care whose playing and just enjoy football, they have many choices. I hope your sponsors agree with your decision, as they pay the huge profits you make. I for one, will have to reconsider before I purchase anything advertised on FOX.

  48. I work nights and will sacrifice sleep to wake up early to watch my Packers play. This is the second time Fox has switched to a “more competitive” game in the third quarter and this is the exact same reason they gave both times. It is a canned response. Fox may broadcasts sporting events but they know absolutely nothing about loyal fans!! I guess I will use my time when I can’t watch my Packers play to contact your advertisers and tell them I am boycotting their products because of your dumb ass decisions


  50. This is the 2nd time you’ve done this to me. I live in New Mexico and it’s rare enough that I get to watch my team The Packers play on TV so I don’t have to go sit in a smoky bar. STOP switching games. We should be able to see the whole game no matter what the score!

  51. Do not make assumptions on what I do and do not want to watch. If I am reading a book that I am thoroughly enjoying,even if I am pretty certain of what the ending is going to be,I am going to be extremely upset if someone grabs it away and I cannot finish it. Or someone changing the channel on me because I have already seen the movie I am watching and they think I do not need to see the end.It makes me extremely angry as a Packer fan but if I were watching another game which is “neutral” to me, I would still be angry that someone decided for me that I did not need to finish watching it. I CHOSE to watch it for a reason. If you cannot broadcast the games in their entirety, then do not take on the contract and let another do it.

  52. Several times you have switched my Packer game to a more competitive game. This just is so wrong. Doing this in the middle of the third quarter doesn’t even give me time to finish watching the game at a sports bar. The Packers are not always on TV and I enjoy to stay at home to watch my game. I do not expect it to get switched off. Would you do this if it was an New England game? Just seems to be only when the Packers play. You don’t even bother to spend much time on their highlights. This just plain happens to often now.

  53. Fox why is it that. All the nation got to watch the Packers but Northern Indiana didn’t get to watch the Packers. I’m not a Lions, Colts, or Bears fan. Put on the Packers every time and your ratings will go through the roof. In the future when in doubt always show the Packers!!!

  54. What made you think that people would be ok with you switching to “a more competitive game”? ARE YOU SERIOUS???? The Packers-Eagles game was one that has been highly anticipated by ALL fans, not just Green Bay and Philadelphia fans. And you numb skulls decided that the game wasn’t worth airing any longer because of the “lopsidedness” IN SPITE of the fact that YOU ADVERTISED this game. If you ADVERTISE something, you need to FOLLOW THROUGH. Otherwise, it’s called FALSE ADVERTISING!! And might I remind you that this game was the GAME OF THE WEEK!!!! If your marketing department knew ANYTHING about marketing, they would know that REGARDLESS of the opposing team, it’s ALWAYS a lucrative move to have the Packers on air. Even rabid fans of other teams want to see the Packers play because they have become the “All American Team”. You screwed up, FOX. You screwed up big time.

  55. it was total bullshit how you pulled the Packer game yesterday. When I see the national map of the game that will be aired, that’s the game I expect to watch! It’s not like we get to watch the Packers play every week in Montana. Pretty sure no one gave two shits about the Cardinals/lions game at the point you decided to switch over to that.

  56. I have one word for you Fox….Heidi. Look it up, learn from it. It is only a matter of time before that happens to you if you keep changing the games.

  57. I live in northwest Ohio, and on My local Fox network, the Packers game wasn’t even aired! Instead at the same time the game was scheduled to start via the internet, there was ice skating in the games place.
    I didn’t get to see Any of the game. Why Is This?!? The local newspaper called for the game, called for the game and the local channel guide ALL called for the game to start at 4:25 eastern time. But our Fox aired ice skating

  58. i was appalled and furious that Fox dropped the Packers- Eagles game.. How dare they??? I am a huge Packers fan, and Fox sure cheated me big time!! Fox has some gall deciding who wants to watch what games!!!

  59. You have to realize we are the Green Bay Packers. We love our team and live to watch our team. We are not like some of the other teams that have fans that would be bored. Have you ever found a Packer Fan who is bored watching our Packers. I don’t think so. Lucky I live in Mn and saw the whole game. I do have a complaint why do we have to have Joe Buck and Tony Aikman. Neither of them like the Packers and are very bias against us. I turn the volume off and watch TV and listen to the radio. Please consider giving us other annoucers. Thank you.

  60. Do not assume that we wanted to watch the other game!!
    We have TWC and look forward to seeing our game televised..
    Our team is playing so good! We’re tearing up the other team and suddenly!! YOU SWITCH TO THE LIONS GAME?
    This happened a few weeks back as well.
    I wanted to scream! My Packers do NOT get cut off..
    Maybe if we can get enough bad comments about your channel you can start televising turtle races and let the other sport channels handle it!

  61. I live in northwest Ohio, and on My local Fox network, the Packers game wasn’t even aired! Instead at the same time the game was scheduled to start via the internet, there was ice skating in the games place.
    I didn’t get to see Any of the game. Why Is This?!? The local newspaper called for the game, called for the game and the local channel guide ALL called for the game to start at 4:25 eastern time. However, our Fox network aired figure skating. Can you PLEASE explain how and why this would occur. We wait All week to see our Packers play, and we get figure skating.
    Perhaps ESPN or CBS should take your share of NFL games off your hands since you can’t seem to uphold your responsibilities to air WHAT you claim, WHEN you claim …. and apparently for as LONG as you’re supposed to.
    Please help me to understand, message me via facebook as I don’t use my email.
    My facebook profile is JasonMudeaterAschliman. I look forward to your respect and reply.

  62. one quick questionto Fox Sports.if the gaMe you wanted to break away to was also a blowout, would you then switch to The Wizard of Oz?it seems to me that this procedure was attempted in the past.a simple solution is too determine what team you will broadcast and broadcast its entirety.close game, blowout game, or earthquake.

  63. What the Hell Fox !! Wat do you have against the Pack?? 2nd game You switched on our beloved Pack, It’s a great yr for ARod and the Packers and you pull that Crap, GB is Americas Team not Arizona or any other team for that matter. Why don’t you take a survey of where Pack fans live and How Many Fans do they have. BTW there’s around 80,000 on the waiting list for season tickets. Please think 1st before you switch and not from your Ass !!

  64. This is the second time this season!
    You are horribly mistaken about people in “neutral” markets. All the more reason for you idiots to leave the game play morons! You play few of their games in our market to begin with. Then, of the few you actually dane to allow us, you ass holes cut it off we we are enjoying an awesome routing!!!!! You have spit in the face of the most involved fans twice now. Huge mistake idiots! You are on notice. I will be complaining to advertisers. If you screw us again I promise the campaign against you will grow!!!

  65. Fox has been doing this for years, and I am happy to finally have some support in my complaints to them. I live in the LA area and we don’t even have a team for Fox to turn to, yet they always cut the Packers games if we are ahead by even a few touchdowns later in the 2nd half. I have complained to Fox before and they just don’t care. Fox isn’t about sports, they are about money, and die hards like us who live and breathe our team and will put up with ill treatment just for a glimpse of green & gold (or blue & gold in this weeks case); well, they could care less about us. Maybe someone can come up with a good solution? I’d say we all boycott the next Fox Packer game, but then they would probably punish us and not show them ever again. Maybe we can start a social media protest? Any good ideas out there?

  66. I am a Packer fan in Texas, and so therefore I cherish every game I get to watch of my Packers, lopsided or not!! I was recording the game on my DVR so I would have games to watch to get me through the off season, and so now thanks to switching my game, I have a game with part Packers vs Eagles & Lions vs Cardinals!!! I am very frustrated to say the least. Thanks for nothing Fox!!! SMH

  67. As a Packers Fan in South Florida I would love to see my team play. Fox a more competitive game, Aaron Rodgers set records. The outcome may have been known but the Ending wasn’t. We support Packers 4 Quarters not 2 1/2 . Fox this is not acceptable at all. If you’re not responsible enough to carry the game in its entirety please allow CBS to do so or ESPN ..

  68. If I wanted to watch a different game I would have I chose ur channel because they were watching the game I wanted! I don’t care if there’s a closer game I wanted that game day to fail your viewers highly dissapointed … Its not every Sunday I get to watch my team(packers) thanks for ruining my sunday

  69. I live in Texas we don’t get many Packers game here so for you to switch to another game is just wrong. If I wanted to watch a less talented team I would watch the Cowboys!!!!

  70. I thought it bulls#!& that y’all did that u need to leave well enough alone we had on tv what we wanted to watch what gives y’all the right to change it? Wanna pay my cable bill to give u those right’s

  71. This is the second time fox has done this to us while watching the Packers. We live in Florida and get a few games each season. My husband was screaming at the top of his lungs, the dog was hiding and I’m stuck watching a game that the score hadn’t changed since the half. Fox sucks and I won’t watch it unless I have to, but even then I probably won’t get to see a complete Packers game unless they are losing!

    GO PACK GO!!!

  73. Fox advertised this as the game available in our market (westpalmbeachfl) for this date and time. Who makes the decision to change games ? Doesn’t the local stations programming director have a say in what is shown. It is the local stations market, they have advertising dollars for this program,at this time. What do advertisers think? What constitutes a more competitive game? If I had spent money on advertising with fox for this game I’d be pissed to say the least. Go to hell fox and any business dumb enough to put up with this

  74. As a football fan, if I am watching a game, I want to watch it in its entirety. When I have to work and record the games I even record the shows after those games just to make sure I see the end. It was very disappointing to work a 14 hour day and come home to watch the Packers blowout game and then miss the end because you decide another game was more competitive. What’s worse is the game you switched to was completely boring and I had to go to my computer to get scores and highlights for an ending to a game that was advertised to be on TV. The network was very wrong to switch games like that, no matter what the impending outcome was. I will be very careful putting on anything “view-able” on FOX in the future since I cannot trust you to show the ending.

  75. I was very upset when the game switched. he only thing that saved the day was that I have NFL Sunday, and it just so happened that the game was not blacked out as it usually is when shown on a local network station like Dallas

  76. Fox have you visited the packer site. We live all over the country. there is no neutral site and we wanted to see the whole game. When you did this a few weeks ago and I wrote the local fox station I got the same response. Is that your corporate letter for everyone to use.

  77. It doesn’t make any sense, if upsetting viewer is your way of business you got it all wrong. It’s the second time you do this to a Packers game…It’s simply not logic.

  78. Living in Texas we usually have to watch Dallas or Houston play, and not being a fan of either team I truly appreciate when the Packers get to be on TV. I could easily get Dish TV, but this may be the way to go if I really want to see my team play an entire game. Wonder if this would have been a lopsided Super Bowl if you would have still made the decision to “flex”??? GO PACK GO!!!

  79. Yeah it was too bad that they did this. I was thankful they left it live in my area, but a lot of people where really upset when they did this to the Packers again! The rest of you should click on my name or website here and join our Facebook Packer Group! We always have a free live stream, so when this happens you can at least watch it online.

  80. I also sent e-mails regarding the pitiful broadcast team. These two idiots have wet dreams about upsetting Packer fans. I muted the audio and listened to Wayne & Larry call a very entertaining game.

    Aikman & Buck need to find some 6th grade flag football game to get their giggles amongst themselves. THEY SUCK BIGTIME!!!!!!

  81. I am upset that the nfl sunday ticket blacks out the directv channel do I can’t watch the game. The last time this happened I called directv and got a $50 credit to my next bill. This time I demanded $100 and they gave me $120, 10 per month for a year. I told them if it happens again I am cancelling all my service. Considering suing fox and directv in small claims in my town.

  82. i “Unplugged” my tv 7 years ago! I didn’t know this happened till now. Just another reason to Listen to the game on the radio! I’ll just keep my tv “Unplugged”. Not a happy fan!

  83. It’s all about the money always. Also the announcers are so biased toward the Patriots and the Cowboys, you’d think they’re the only two teams in the league. Thank heavens they left the Packers/Eagles on in WI. If they had changed it here, there would have been a riot! I hate Fox anyway, and won’t watch any show on that network or anything that is connected to Fox. I think the NFL should switch to another network, but, of course, it’s all about who has the money to buy the NFL.

  84. Terrible move to switch games. Packers fans outside of the homeland (Wisconsin) deserve to see the whole game when its scheduled.

  85. Get your shit together Foxx! If your showing the game, show the ENTIRE game! Quit with the bait and switch antics like our president is known for! Seriously!!!!

  86. It doesn’t make any sense, if upsetting viewer is your way of business you got it all wrong. It’s the second time you do this to a Packers game…It’s simply not good. I just truned the other game off.

  87. When you publish that you are broadcasting a Packers game and halfway through you switch to another game you lose me as a viewer. I love the Packers and looked forward to the WHOLE game. Do it again and I will boycott Fox Sports because I will know that I won’t see the whole game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Someone should remind Fox that closer does not equal more competitive. Even getting blown out Philly was way more entertaining and competitive than Det and AZ who were battling to see who could be slightly less incompetent, with AZ winning thanks to two early flashes of competency that Det couldn’t match. All entertainment in that game was over in the first half

  89. I think Fox network are total a&& holes along with the NFL. They were the ones that changed the time of the game. How can you put something on and advertise it and then switch it to another game that was boring from the time it came on. The Packer nation has been supportive of the organization and it brings money to you and you have the mitigated gull to take it off. I mean who does that? Would you switch a game when it comes to the playoffs? Packers lead the league in sales every year. Come on, Man !!!

  90. i live in texas and pay good money for direct tv so i can get NFLMAX.COM so i can watch the GREENBAY PACKERS with my husband who is also from there…we did not appreciate what you did again about the ending of game by switching to another game…we do not care who we are playing we want to see the end of the game period…you have no business taking away what some of us pay for..thank goodness i could switch the station and continue to watch the game along with watching the vikings/bears…STOP DOING THIS ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE THAT PAY A PRICE TO WATCH IT!!!!

  91. Fox does not care about the people just the almighty dollar. When we turn on a game it is because that is the game that we want to watch.. If we as a person get bored with the game we can change the channel ourselves we do not need some SMUCK changing it for us. WE AS PACKER FANS NEVER GET BORED WATCHING OUR TEAM WIN. Leave the stations alone. if you are bored with the game change your own channe. GO PACK GO…….

  92. I am a Green Bay Packer fan and I live in Florida. I was a Green Bay Packer fan when I lived in Indiana also. We are everywhere. It is very rude to stop the advertised game and switch to another. I was upset and would be again.

  93. I have to agree with everyone on here. Fox has actually done this SEVERAL times to the Packers over the last 2 seasons. I live in AZ, and unfortunately have to watch the Cardinals EVERY WEEK! So getting to see the Packers once in a while is great. I also DO NOT appreciate when they advertise the Packer game all week long on the TV guide, and then switch to a different game minutes before kick off. (They also then blamed the cable provider when I emailed them). What will be interesting is if they actually employ the flex scheduling for the Packers V. Detroit game on December 28th. Some of us will probably be forced to watch the Cardinals game since, right now, they are playing at the same time.

  94. It is total BS that you pulled OUR game…that right it is OUR game, because the Packers are OUR team. We are more loyal than any other team! I am PACKER fan, not a football fan, the only time I watch other teams, is when the playoffs are are on and they might play the Packers. Stop sucking up to the fantasy football doofus’ and realize there are people who follow one team, not players!

  95. I so seldom get to watch the Packers, so I was super stoked to watch the game Sunday. Then it was a fantastic game, adding to my elation. Then it switches to some other game???? WHAT???? Fox, you suck!

  96. I agree that changing the channel in the middle of a game is insane, as I pay for Direct TV Sunday Ticket specifically so that I do not miss a Packer Game…..this is the second time this season that FOX has broadcast the Packers playing (which means it is not available on my Sunday ticket)…and then changed to another game in the middle of play because they think they are doing the right thing…I cannot thus see a game that I am paying through the nose to watch!!!!! I want to see my team play, win or lose…I want to see the PACKERS!!! It’s called being a FAN! (short for fanatic!) They really screw things up when they think for everyone and make huge decisions based on what they perceive to be majority approval vice consideration for those that have made their Sunday viewing plans based on what they have advertised. If you advertise and show the game you say you wills how….fans will figure out where to go to watch the game they want to see…a friends with Direct TV or a sports bar….when you switch the game in the you virtually block those fans from seeing the game at all because Direct TV cannot broadcast a locally shown game….. FOX wake up…this is your job and you are screwing loyal fans out of viewing a game because you think another is more entertaining!

  97. What makes it worse is that the game was originally a noon start but they changed the start time for TV to a 3:15 start. Does FOX survey fans to see how we feel about them switching? Nice of them to assume (making an ass out of them) as to what the fans want. Biased announcers and lousy decisions..FOX stinks.

  98. As someone who lives in Texas, is an avid Packers fan and doesn’t have cable, dish, etc — and works 50 to 60 hrs a week — when I make time to watch a game that YOU scheduled to be shown–then you consistently switch just the Packers games (has happened at least twice recently!) — then you are darned right fans are upset and justifiably so! You have to be complete idiots to not realize that teams can and do make a come-back in the 3rd and 4th Quarter of a game. If I wanted to watch another game, I’d do so… if other people want to watch a different game – let them switch channels and find alternatives! FOX is WRONG and what was the “smirk” when it was announced that you’d be switching???? Seem to get a kick out of it – don’t you?? Let’s see what kind of kick you get out of it when no one bothers to watch your stupid channel, writes your advertisers, files complaints with the NFL, etc. Makes me more upset that you offer some lame little excuse for your actions as if that makes everything okay. Well newsflash – it’s not okay – so peddle your load of BS somewhere else, because this Packer fan isn’t buying it!!

  99. Well there is only one thing i can see . The Packers dont have a guy on their team called BRADY or MANNING .. If we did they would have never touched that game . I just find it deceiving that even though this happenned i still have to Watch the games on their network . Last year the packs were 20 points plus behind in the 4th quarter against Americas team and they came back to win .. They never shut that supposed to be blowout down . Anyways hope they dont switch the superbowl for a cheerleader comptetion if the game is one sided . GO PACKS GO ….

  100. If we endure watching ALL the commercials you play during any program, at least extend the courtesy of showing the whole fricken program.

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