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Aug 16

A Time To Rant

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This one goes out to BJ Raji:

"First of all, how ya doin' you are a really big dude and all but listen, you have to put in a better performance than you did last Sunday night. Man, a lot of people are depending on your ability to collapse the middle of the pocket and you didn't show a lot of that. I know it is the preseason but you're a competitor who is in his second year and they just moved Ryan Pickett to put you where you're at, it's time to represent!

No one was more excited about you being moved to nose (where you belong) than me. I thought you would be the unsung hero of this year's successful team and I still do but you made me wonder a little bit. OK, OK I gotta have faith, I know. But this ain't no George Michael song, this is the NFL and when it's throwdown time we all want to see you throw down. You're speed and agility along with your size and low center of gravity make you a rare commodity in the NFL and especially important to a 3-4 defense that is predicated upon the NT. Unfortunately, Sunday night, being rare just meant you hadn't been cooked were still bleeding. 


Again, nobody cares (much) about the scores...we want to see players play. I KNOW you are going to show up next week and wreak some havoc. Well, even if you don't I am sure you will when the games are for real...right? I believe you will, in part because I believe in your talent, and in part because...if I don't you might fly through this computer and wring my pencil neck!"