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May 09

A Time to Relax

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Vacation day 1 is finally here. As I sit here and think about the next week off, I am thinking about what vacation means. Is it having to do something "fun"? Does it require a bunch of activities to keep one occupied? Sleep for 3 full days?

It has nothing to do with any of the above. Recharge the batteries and spend good quality time with the family. Take a break and relax, something so many people struggle to do.Will I be struggling with that? Not me, not this week.


Apr 30

James Starks via Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is in my opinion the entertainment version of fact. Since anyone can edit anything on Wikipedia, occasionally you stumble upon nuggets like the one below. It was posted to a Packers Fan Club message board, which I submit for your amusement. Enjoy:


Got this from a friend...watching the draft and not knowing who James Starks is he googled him...Wikepedia often comes up and this is what came up!! To funny...he got and emailed it to me...later to go back and get it to email it to someone else and it was gone...LOL...pretty funny...wonder what that was all about!!
Here's the Wikipedia article.
James Starks
Starks enrolled at the University at Buffalo to play football and was redshirted in 2005. In2006, Starks made a huge impact on the Bulls offense. In his first game, he scored on an 18-yard run in overtime to help the Bulls win, 9-3, in the season opener against the Temple Owls.[2], giving Turner Gill his first victory as a head coach. Starks became the first Buffalo freshman to earn All-MAC honors in 2006[3]. In 2007, Starks started every game at running back and rushed for 1103 yards and 12 touchdowns, earning another Second Team All-MAC honor as Buffalo finished the season co-champions of the MAC East division. In 2008, Starks had an even better season, rushing for 1384 yards and 16 touchdowns. He was also the second-leading receiver on the team with 52 catches and one touchdown. Starks led Buffalo to their first conference championship and first bowl appearance in school history. He was named First Team All-MAC following the season. In 2009, Starks was sidelined for his senior season after suffering a labral tear in his shoulder[4], missing the entire season.
James Starks was drafted by the Green Bay Packers to become a machine running back in the NFL. He will one day rewrite the NFL history books. Once his knees give out from running too much, the Packers will convert him to Quarterback to rewrite the Passing records. Once his arm is thrown out he will moved to kicker and then Punter. After Punter he will be successful at the Packers head coach and go on to win 3 more Super Bowls along with the 2 he won with the Packers during his playing Years. After head coach, he will replace Ted Thompson as GM. After the serving as GM he will become Commissioner of the NFL and then transfer to MLB. After that he will serve 3 terms as President of the US and sucessfully bring peace to the middle East.
James Starks, the man, the myth, the legend . . .

Apr 27

So Now What?

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The draft is in the past, and now all teams will sit back and think about how they did. Without paying attention to grades given out by so-called experts (before the players have played a single down) the biggest question is were the positions of need filled. Depth and building for the future are the cornerstones of Ted Thompson's roster, and he did a good job adding for the next 3-5 years. Overall, I'd say it was a typical Thompson draft-best player available 1st round, a head scratcher thrown in, and depth in later rounds.

I hope the selections were correct as we head into the run for Lucky 13. I'll get my first opinions in a few weeks, when I head off to Green Bay for the first open OTA.

It's getting closer-can everyone feel it?

Apr 22

End of a Long Day

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Well the ned of Draft Day 1 for 2010 is in the books, and surprising is the word I think everyone would use to describe most of the first round selections. Starting with Bryan Bulaga for the Packers, a gift that fell into our laps, who would have thought the following names would still be available heading into round 2: Kyle Wilson, Sergio Kindle (my guy), Jimmy Clausen. There is tons of first round talent still available heading into round 2.
Now is the time Ted. Work your trading magic and move up to get the guy you wanted in round 1, but didnt want to pull the trigger on. Is it Kindle, to solve the OLB worries? Is it McCluster, the shifty RB to compliment Ryan Grant? Or is it someone we havent heard of that only you know what he is capable of doing at the NFL level? Now is the time. Make your move.

Apr 19

Trade Up?

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The Packers are rumored to be looking into trading up to 10-12 in the first round. Intriguing to say the least. However, my first thought was with what ammo? Going up that high would require a first and 2nd-3rd at least. Does Trader Ted have what it takes to be aggressive 2 years in a row? Not sure he does. But if this move does take place, it will show everyone the Packers are ready to win now,and TT is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Apr 18

Near Perfection

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Completely unrelated to football, but in therms of pure stupid comedy, is there anything better than Fletch?

Apr 18

Decisions, Decisions

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T minus 5 days and counting. The NFL Draft is like a bit of football nirvana in the boredom of Spring. This year, more than in recent years, the Packers have some tough decisions to make about who to take and what position to improve. The draft is so deep, and the positions the Packers need to improve on are some of the deepest. The areas in most need are:


  • OL-aging veterans Clifton and Tauscher need some depth behind them other than TJ Lang in what could be their swan song season.
  • CB-the roster is full of players beyond Woodson, but there are so many question marks after MVP Woodson. Health is a major factor as well for Harris, Blackmon, and Lee. Can they return in 2010?
  • OLB-the Aaron Kampman experiment was a disaster. Brad Jones was OK as a rookie 7th round draft choice last year. Can he develop into the edge rusher opposite Clay Matthews that is vital to the success of the 3-4?
  • RB-Ryan Grant is consistent, if unspectacular. There has been little 3rd down production from the RB position the last two seasons. Is Brandon Jackson the change of pace player needed in the NFL these days, or is that player in the draft?
  • S-Nick Collins is THE MAN, and Atari Bigby was The Man in 2007, until injuries started affecting his play. Martin is a good Special Teams player, but poor in coverage. We need depth at Safety so in the event of injury, we wont need to go through the extended Jarrett Bush Project at that key position.
  • QB-Mike McCarthy loves his QB's, and it would be nice to see some added depth at this position ala 1994 when it was Favre/Brunell/Detmer. Where does this roster spot open? Just a thought-we dont need 3 FB's.

So where does that leave the Packers on Draft Day? I know who I would like to see the Packers select starting Thursday. My choices will be out soon.